Lips On Fleek with Lip Pure

lip pure lip balm manila philippines

What does it take to stay #OnFleek?

For me, it doesn’t require having the perfect winged tip, or the skillfully contoured cheekbones. I think many girls would agree that nailing #OnFleek is about looking clean, classy, and well-maintained. TV personality Yassi Pressman shares the same sentiment. “It doesn’t take much for me, really. I try to stick to the basics no matter how busy I am. When my schedule is really hectic, I just put on cheek tint, mascara, and swipe on my trusty lip balm.”

Whether you paint your puckers red or dare to go au naturale, the quality of your lips can make or break your look, and having well-moisturized lips is key to maintaining your lips’ health.

lip pure lip balm manila philippines

A lot of people are highly allergic to chemical ingredients in lip products. For a safe and efficient kind of moisturizing, it is best to go for natural solutions. Lip Pure is a great option because of its gentle beeswax formulation and 100% food grade ingredients. It is also free of colorants and preservatives to suit lips better.

Hydrate and moisturize with all-natural ingredients

Proper hydration is the secret behind healthy-looking lips. This is particularly true here in the country, where the erratic and often extreme weather can take its toll on this sensitive part of the body.

Lip Pure is formulated with royal jelly and manuka honey to keep the lips moisturized even during the harshest of weather conditions. Additionally, its moisturizing qualities are made even more effective with a combination of natural ingredients like almond oil, aloe extract, shea butter oil, and jojoba oil for deep hydration and long-lasting moisture.

lip pure lip balm manila philippines

Anti-Oxidants for youthful looking puckers

No amount of makeup can cover up dry, unhealthy-looking lips. In fact, regular use of products like lipsticks and tints can sometimes lead to dryness. Other than boasting all-natural ingredients, Lip Pure is also infused with anti-oxidants like Vitamin E and grape seed oil to keep lips youthful looking.

Lip Pure is the perfect makeup kit necessity for those who want to keep themselves well-kept while still caring for their lips’ health. The beauty of using Lip Pure is that it eliminates the need to use highly pigmented lippies because its lip balms and lip gloss bring color to your lips with just a few swipes. It works well in case you can’t do without your lipstick, too! So throw a Lip Pure or two into your makeup kit, and keep your lips on fleek!-HANA

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