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Maybelline Giveaway Winner ANNOUNCED!

If you’re here, you’re probably interested in finding out who won the Maybelline giveaway, yes?

Bear with me for two minutes (I WILL ANNOUNCE IT, DON’T WORRY YOUR PRETTY LITTLE HEADS) and just let me say thank you to everyone who has made this contest possible — Maybelline, friends from Pulse Communications of Ogilvy, my boyfriend who has been so supportive of me participating in this campaign and has been very patient with taking my photos too!, and of course, everyone who has put in the time ...

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How Maybelline Got My Blogging Mojo Back

2015 for me has been marked with significant lack of blogging activity, aside from the occasional event posts which I muster up the strength to write. For some reason, I’ve grown so tired and weary of work and life that I didn’t have the energy to do the one thing I enjoy doing the most — blogging. I haven’t been taking care of myself lately, absorbed with an 18-hour work shift, and weekends spent trying to regain my energy for another hectic work week ahead. I love blogging — I really do...

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