My Thoughts on the New TV Series, Supergirl

Here’s why Supergirl isn’t living up to her name.

Before anything else, I just want to get these three things out there:

  1. I’m a casual. I like watching superhero movies and series (The Flash and Arrow, two that are part of my regular series schedule), but those have yet to convince me to pick up a comic book. Having a geek for a boyfriend has not yet succeeded in getting me to read comic books either. I prefer just watching the series, something I enjoy doing after work or over the weekend, but that’s it. No heavy emotional attachment to the series or characters.
  2. I’m all for women empowerment, but I don’t believe in shoving my opinions and beliefs in other people’s faces.
  3. This is not a review. This is my opinion of the show, and what I like and what I don’t like about it. If you disagree, you are free to fly off.

So Supergirl was sold to me as a promising TV series, during my hunt for the next good thing to watch. However, after three episodes, it’s not only failing expectations, it’s starting to become annoying for a number of reasons.

First, the number of Superman references has become too much to handle. Sometimes, I have to stop and wonder whose show it really is because, frankly, all Supergirl does all episode is talk about her cousin. She wants to step out of her cousin’s shadow, but is failing enormously at it. I just think we can do with less mention of Superman so that Supergirl can really establish her own identity as a superhero.

Second, she’s Supergirl. She’s supposed to be really strong and have a whole arsenal of super powers, but her combat choices leave me dumbfounded. She has superhuman strength and speed, flight, heat vision, and super breath, and she chooses to engage villains in hand-to-hand combat? Really? This frustrates me as much as Flash does when he gets knocked out unconscious by a villain that shouldn’t be any match to his superhuman speed. How is this possible? Please give me an explanation that I can accept.

Third, and probably my biggest issue with her character, is that the show makes it appear that she has been doing things for validation and recognition. WHY? You save people because you don’t want anyone to be hurt or killed, not so that you can get in the news for your heroics. It just feels as if she’s doing this for herself than for the city she’s keeping safe, and to have a superhero who does it for the fame or glory isn’t as comforting as knowing the city’s savior is really invested in the safety of its people.


When it comes to strong women in comic book-turned-TV series, I still think Karen Page in Daredevil (played by Deborah Ann Woll) is superior to Supergirl (in her current state), even without any super powers.

These, on top of Calista Flockhart’s character being an insufferable bitch on the show, are the reasons why Supergirl makes me cringe. I love strong women characters, I really do, but Supergirl’s character just lacks spunk and substance. It’s like she’s too hormonal. She has too many issues and hang-ups, and I just wish she’d step up already and be the superhero she’s supposed to be.-HANA

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  • Ari  says:

    I agree with you concerning her fighting style, if you will. It’s quite impractical and honestly, a lot of the fight choreography makes me cringe, as is some of the acting on the show.

    But in terms of the Superman references, I think they’ll go away pretty soon. There have been only 3 episodes anyway. I think all the references are to just establish the whole backstory solidly so that they won’t have to make any more (or as many) references later on in the season. Just drilling it into the heads of the audiences is one way to put it.

    As for her actions, I don’t think she’s being a hero for the fame and recognition. It’s more of her quest for validation for who she is, which is understandable considering she’s had to hide her true self for so many years. When she sees herself on the news, she’s not happy because she’s on the news necessarily, but more like she’s being recognized for being her – something she’s wanted for a long time.

    • dollhana  says:

      Hey Ari, thanks for the reply. Regarding the Superman references, I do look forward to the episode it finally becomes tolerable.

      Re: validation, I think she has to just get over the fact that she chose to stay hidden and not use her powers ever since she got to this planet. I feel like most of her hang-ups are from being too weak to protect Clark, and not being able to step out of Superman’s shadow, which is likely because she chose not to use her super powers earlier. I just want to see her grow up and deal with it (although she has been dealing with it, just a bit too slowly for my taste). Maybe I’m just not used to watching super heroines, and haven’t fully accepted the fact that hormones come with the territory.

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