How Maybelline Got My Blogging Mojo Back

2015 for me has been marked with significant lack of blogging activity, aside from the occasional event posts which I muster up the strength to write. For some reason, I’ve grown so tired and weary of work and life that I didn’t have the energy to do the one thing I enjoy doing the most — blogging. I haven’t been taking care of myself lately, absorbed with an 18-hour work shift, and weekends spent trying to regain my energy for another hectic work week ahead. I love blogging — I really do. While I enjoy being the team lead of a talented social media department at my current company, my real dream is to go full-time blogging. I think I would jump out off my bed every single day if I make it happen! But right now, blogging is just a hobby, a passion project that I put in the backseat especially when times get tough.

So when Maybelline reached out to me for the Maybelline NYFW project, I was ecstatic. More than the prize (which is out of this world!), it was the opportunity to get my act together and start blogging again. I haven’t blogged about beauty in a while, a niche I am heavily invested in since I worked as makeup artist in the past, so I jumped at chance and this amazing thing happened — I am blogging once again!

Maybelline to me is more than a makeup brand. It got me back on track towards my dreas of blogging, and reminded me about my passion. I have been putting my health and sanity on the line by working 18 hours, thinking that work and career is the end all and be all. Since starting on this project, I have come to realize that the obsession with work and productivity is highly overrated. Maybelline made me remember my love for makeup and blogging, two things I don’t think I can ever give up.

If there’s one advice I can give to other girls who are chasing after their dreams, it’s that you should never entertain the thought of failure. Work towards your goal madly, without the fear of failing, and put it all in. If you want something badly, do whatever it takes to get it! At the end of the day, you’d rather be saying “Oh well” than “What ifs”, and you wouldn’t want to be haunted by all the possibilities you could have turned into a reality.

I want to live the Maybelline New York dream as much as the next person does — and I’m sure that I’m not more worthy or less deserving of it. I’ve seen the other contenders, and while I don’t have as much fan base as they do, I am confident to say that I gave it my all — done things differently, explored things outside of my comfort zone, and gave this everything I have (even my boyfriend did!) It would be the biggest thing to happen to me if I were to win. But even if I don’t, the experience alone, and getting my blogging mojo back, have already made me feel like a winner.-HANA

Join me in living the NYFW dream! Win a special Maybelline gift pack by reposting or regramming the photo below! Good luck! ;)



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