Get Lighter Skin and a Healthier YOU with Luminous Glutathione Patch

Luminous Glutathione Patch whitening review philippines

Glutathione delivery that comes in a patch? Finally, it has arrived!

Have you ever tried Injectable Glutathione before? I have, but I wasn’t on the receiving end. Back when IV Glutathione was all the rage, my mom tried out two boxes (twenty doses) of glutathione before deciding it wasn’t worth it. Me being the nurse of the family made me responsible for giving my mom bi-weekly shots of this miracle whitening product. I eventually recommended that she stop it, mainly because the benefits are not worth the risks we’re taking with it. (Increased risk for infection and stressing out your liver for what, whitening?)

My issues mainly with the IV Glutathione boils down to two things: its invasive method of delivery, as well as the dose and amount of time it is administered to a patient. Back then, I wasn’t also aware of the benefits glutathione can provide, and see it as nothing more but a supplement with a desirable side effect: a healthier and fairer skin.

Luminous Glutathione Patch whitening review philippines

But what if there was a way to deliver glutathione safely? One notable product discovery, new Luminous Glutathione Patch, makes this a reality. The Luminous Glutathione Patch is a revolutionary whitening system that can deliver exceptional results anyone can enjoy. Now, you can do away with expensive IV administration fees and safely DIY glutathione administration in the comforts of your own home.

The glutathione patch from Luminous is a skincare product developed in the US, and FDA approved in both the US and the Philippines. It offers a unique but effective glutathione delivery system that can provide adequate amount of glutathione directly through the skin making it more effective than the usual popular skin lightening creams or lotions in the market today.

Featuring a transdermal patch technology, each luminous whitening patch can deliver 250mg of pure glutathione with added 250mg of vitamin c to effectively lighten the skin from within. The exceptional rapid absorption with a 95% rate can steadily supply the entire body the much needed glutathione skin lightening effect and other health benefits making it powerful to enhance one’s appearance and improved overall health. The steady absorption rate gives it edge over glutathione injections, making it a better alternative.

Luminous Glutathione Patch whitening review philippines

The product formulation of Luminous Glutathione Patch has other effects that you can also enjoy aside from skin whitening. It contains potent anti-oxidants that fights off free radicals while improving overall skin condition making it younger looking, blemish free and ultimately radiant. Not only can luminous gluta patch improved your skin health condition, it can also facilitate good metabolism providing you with more energy for a healthier and active lifestyle.

How to Use Luminous Glutathione Patch

The 2-step guide whitening treatment is so easy and convenient to use. Let the wonders of Luminous Glutathione Patch work on you while you sleep or within reaching an 8-hour minimum period to fully increase the levels of glutathione in your bloodstream.

STEP 1- There are several key points on your body where you can place this effective glutathione patch. With regards to your daily activities choose the best spot- a skin area that is always clean and dry. You could either place luminous gluta patch on the wrist, arms, inner elbow, inner thigh, inner knee, and abdomen or even at the lower back depending on your day to day activities. Keep the area clean and dry while the patch is attached for the 8-hour duration.

STEP 2- The luminous glutathione patch comes in a strip form which you could easily peel off. Quickly apply it on your skin by pressing gently and firmly to secure it in place. It is important to always keep this area dry and clean for the continuous release and absorption of glutathione in your body.

Luminous Glutathione Patch whitening review philippines

Recommended Period of Use: Daily for 3 mos or 90 days, for optimum results

Expected Initial Effects: Using the luminous gluta patch  for the very first week will elevate glutathione levels in your body, thus improving your skin complexion while providing you with extra energy for improved stamina and physical strength. You will notice improvements in your skin tone, diminishing appearance of skin blemishes and better overall skin health.

Where to buy Luminous Gluta Patch: You can purchase your gluta patches from Mercury Drugstore or Watsons Outlets, available in trial packs (3 patches) and one month-supply packs (15 patches).

If you’re looking to try a new and more effective way to white your skin, or maybe interested in switching to a safer way to whiten, consider using Luminous Gluta Patch. It’s guaranteed safe, effective, and offer health effects that glutathione IV have yet to provide without the unnecessary risks.-HANA

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