Achieve #DoItAllHair with Pantene Pro-V

do it all hair pantene

My hair can do it all, thanks to Pantene!

Our hair goes through so many stresses from our daily routine. Like it or not, these factors are unavoidable: humidity, dust, and pollution just to name a few. To make things worse, we ourselves subject our own tresses to the damaging effects of ironing, hair treatments and blow drying. If our mane could speak, it would definitely be crying out for help!

I was invited by Pantene to take on the #DoItAllHair challenge and put my tresses to the test! The challenge was to endure (more like enjoy!) a day at Blo Dry Bar and subject my hair to the terrors of the curling iron and the heat of their blow dryer. So I made my way to Blo Dry Bat at Serendra and went for those much coveted Holly-would curls under the care of one of their expert stylists. Take a look at how my hair fared through the challenge:

do it all hair pantene

Yes! Holly-would curls achieved!

The best part was that I wasn’t stressing about how my hair would do at all! I’ve been using the new Pantene for weeks, which now has Histidine, to help restore and maintain hair health from the core. The addition of this miracle molecule provides anti-oxidant properties, with an effect similar to anti-oxidants in anti-aging skin care products. These molecules work inside-out, by penetrating deep into the layers of our hair and taking out oxidative mineral deposits from within.

do it all hair pantene

Us women deserve hair products that can match and complement our bold and active lifestyles. It’s comforting to know that even if I have to deal with unavoidable factors or spontaneous decisions that cause damage to my hair, my shampoo and conditioner have my back. Now, I have no more hesitations to do it all! The promise of one wash erasing the damage of a hundred blow dries, or 72-hour freedom from frizz is empowering. Take on any challenge with Pantene and your Do-It-All-Hair today!-HANA

do it all hair pantene

Try the new Pantene with the miracle molecule to unveil your best hair ever.

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