5 Makeup Brush Sets Any and Every Girl Would Love to Have for Christmas

makeup brush sets manila philippines

Thinking of gift ideas for your girlfriends and sisses this Christmas? Consider getting them a makeup brush set to help them amp up their makeup game! Whether she’s a makeup newbie, or a budding makeup and beauty vlogger, your girlfriends will appreciate having a complete set of brushes to achieve every imaginable look! Best of all, these brushes are worth the investment. I took the time to research affordable brush sets available here in Manila and limit the choices to Php 3500 max! From what I’ve looked up, these five makeup brush sets are the top five that will give you the most bang for your buck. So whether it’s for a fellow makeup lover, or if you’re thinking of getting one for yourself, any of these five sets will do just the trick.

affordable makeup brush set manila philippines

YET Korea YET X Chomper 10 Pcs Brush Set

1. For the fun-loving, traveling babe: YET Korea YET X Chomper 10 Pcs Brush Set – Php 2500

When you’re always on the go and need a reliable set of brushes to get you through any day, the YET Korea’s YET x Chomper 10-piece brush set will not let you down! YET Korea has the thickest brush fibers I’ve seen so far for half the price of other brush sets. The brush set comes in a quirky brush case in four different colors you can choose from.

affordable makeup brush set philippines manila

Dashe Cosmetics’ Chic 12-Piece Brush Set

2. For the budding makeup enthusiast: Dashe Cosmetics’ Chic 12-Piece Brush Set – Php 1400

When you know your friend wants to experiment with makeup but isn’t quite going for the pro track, you don’t want to get her something too expensive which might just end up collecting dust on her drawer. However, you want something that she can will allow her to transform into any look her heart desires. The Dashe Cosmetics’ 12-Piece brush set that comes in a travel-friendly brush case-cum- brush holder is the best set for girls who are fond of experimenting with makeup whenever the mood strikes them.

affordable makeup brush set manila philippines

Suesh Pro Advance (21pc Makeup Brush Set)

3. For the pro MUA: Suesh Pro Advance (21pc Makeup Brush Set) – Php 3500

Want to help your girlfriend take her makeup gigs to the next level? Gift her with the Pro Advance 21 Makeup Brush set from Suesh! This makeup brush set has every brush she’ll ever need. Plus, it comes in a black leather pouch you’d love to carry your brushes in!

affordable makeup brush set manila philippines

Suesh Personal Essential 10-Piece Makeup Brush Set

4. For the essentialist: Suesh Personal Essential 10-Piece Makeup Brush Set – Php 1800

For girls who believe less is more, the Personal Essential 10-Piece Makeup Brush Set might just make the best Christmas gift ever! Suesh trims down the number of makeup brushes to the essential ten, doing away with the complexity of having too many choices in your hands. This is perfect for girls who have a set makeup routine, and handy for daily use. Not to mention, the glossy red birch wood handles are so sleek.

Affordable makeup brush sets manila philippinesAffordable makeup brush sets manila philippines
5. For the classy MUA on the go: Suesh 18pc Makeup Brush Set With Quilted Pouch – Php 3300

This trendy quilted pouch is enough to make you buy this set in a heartbeat! As you may have probably noticed from the last two entries, I’m a huge fan of brushes from Suesh. They’re one of the few local brands that you can always rely on for quality makeup tools and brushes. With this set, you’re not only paying for the promise of high-quality tools that are 100% Pinoy-made. On top of that, you get this quilted pouch in a beautiful nude color that will let you carry your makeup brushes wherever you go.

BONUS: For the pro-sculptor: Kalm Cosmetics Real Techniques Sculpting Set Collector’s Edition – Php 1550

Affordable makeup brush sets manila philippines

Kalm Cosmetics Real Techniques Sculpting Set Collector’s Edition

Empower your girl to get the much-coveted chiseled look with Real Techniques’ Sculpting Set. This set has one mission: to help you wow with those high cheekbones and the perfect facial bone structure to challenge Kim Kardashian’s any day!-HANA

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