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5 Makeup Brush Sets Any and Every Girl Would Love to Have for Christmas

makeup brush sets manila philippines

Thinking of gift ideas for your girlfriends and sisses this Christmas? Consider getting them a makeup brush set to help them amp up their makeup game! Whether she’s a makeup newbie, or a budding makeup and beauty vlogger, your girlfriends will appreciate having a complete set of brushes to achieve every imaginable look! Best of all, these brushes are worth the investment...

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The Hair Trend to Dye For: Sunset Hair

sunset hair ombre color

Move over galaxy hair. There’s a new hair trend in town to dye for.

2016 is going to be all about hair. If you’ve been contemplating for a while now whether you should do something exciting with you hair, now is the best time to do it, because ladies and gents, Sunset Hair has arrived. Well, it’s actually been around for a while, but it is now getting more attention than ever from the people of the internet. It’s back, and it’s more vibrant and bolder than we’ve ever seen before.

sunset hair ombre color

Sunset hair, a...

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Pack List: Ten Travel Essentials for a Holiday Getaway

The holidays are just around the corner, and pretty soon, we’ll be on our way to our long-planned vacations. I am sure you are as excited as me to find escape from the daily grind, even for two weeks of Christmas vacay at the most! However, some of us have to overcome the biggest hurdle of travelling: packing! I personally hate packing because I am very paranoid that I might leave something important behind, or that I might bring the wrong skirt to pair with my shoes...

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Achieve #DoItAllHair with Pantene Pro-V

do it all hair pantene

My hair can do it all, thanks to Pantene!

Our hair goes through so many stresses from our daily routine. Like it or not, these factors are unavoidable: humidity, dust, and pollution just to name a few. To make things worse, we ourselves subject our own tresses to the damaging effects of ironing, hair treatments and blow drying. If our mane could speak, it would definitely be crying out for help!

I was invited by Pantene to take on the #DoItAllHair challenge and put my tresses to the test! The c...

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Cherry Bombre Hair: The New Low Maintenance Hair Color Brunettes Would Love

cherry bomb ombre hair color for brunettes

Low maintenance? No problem! Most brunettes find it difficult to change to bolder, wilder, and trendier hair colors because of the bleaching required. I know, bleaching can be a real bitch, and I also personally have a few brunette friends who refuse to change their hair color if it means killing their hair for it. However, there’s a new hair trend in town, and it’s going to suit brunettes who refuse to bleach just fine...

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Maybelline New York’s Crazy Sale: Price Slash of Up To 50% OFF + GIVEAWAY!

I’ve been raving about it for the past month, but now it’s finally here! The Maybelline New York Crazy Sale cannot get any crazier than this: almost PHp 200 off 200 of your Maybelline favorites! The sale runs from November 13 to December 31, 2015, which includes a lot of must-have items from the NYFW featured collection...

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Get Lighter Skin and a Healthier YOU with Luminous Glutathione Patch

Luminous Glutathione Patch whitening review philippines

Glutathione delivery that comes in a patch? Finally, it has arrived!

Have you ever tried Injectable Glutathione before? I have, but I wasn’t on the receiving end. Back when IV Glutathione was all the rage, my mom tried out two boxes (twenty doses) of glutathione before deciding it wasn’t worth it. Me being the nurse of the family made me responsible for giving my mom bi-weekly shots of this miracle whitening product...

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My Thoughts on the New TV Series, Supergirl

Here’s why Supergirl isn’t living up to her name.

Before anything else, I just want to get these three things out there:

  1. I’m a casual. I like watching superhero movies and series (The Flash and Arrow, two that are part of my regular series schedule), but those have yet to convince me to pick up a comic book. Having a geek for a boyfriend has not yet succeeded in getting me to read comic books either...
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Taking Gifting to the Next Level

T’was the night before the deadline of SM Supermalls’ Merry SM Christmas blogger contest, and I still didn’t have an entry. It was taking me way too long to organize my thoughts that I even considered giving up entirely.

So there I was, ready to call it a night and throw in the towel. As I lay in my bed, I wondered exactly how it was possible that three simple questions could prove to be so hard for me to answer:

  • What is your Christmas wish list for yourself?
  • What are your Christmas gi...
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My Halloween FOTD – Annabelle the Doll Makeup

This was a real spur of the moment thing. I was looking to do something fun for Halloween, but for the life of me I couldn’t remember what I originally planned to do! Anyway, while I was busy preparing my makeup for my Halloween FOTD, I saw Vice Ganda clad in a white dress, dressed up as Annabelle for Showtime’s Halloween special. White dress, blonde hair, red ribbon — It was just too easy to pass up the chance to be Annabelle for Halloween!

I had such a fun time doing this look and scared myse...

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