Diving Into Fashion Photography at the Canon Fashion Revolution

Canon Fashion Revolution canon philippines sale 2015

Last Friday, I had the opportunity to attend the Canon Pro Night: Fashion Revolution held at the Samsung Hall of SM Aura. God knows I haven’t been out and about lately, but I didn’t want to miss this event for the following reasons:

  1. I’ve been an avid Canon user. I’ve been using a Canon camera since 2006, and have continued to experiment with photography using my 450d since 2008. My DSLR has been with me for six years, and has always been a reliable partner in all my events and shoots.
  2. I couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to learn more about fashion photography!
  3. They had me at 70% OFF. It couldn’t get any more compelling than this.

Canon Fashion Revolution canon philippines sale 2015

The Canon Pro Night was attended by Canon ambassadors and esteemed members of the Canon Crusaders of Light. The event started with fashion photography workshops taught with pro photographers providing lots of valuable advice when taking on fashion photography. It was during the workshops that I realized that while it was a given that the models were stunning, it was the photographer’s skill and choice of gear that make all the difference. It really does take a certain level of skill to achieve high quality fashion photographs, combined with the right set of imaging solutions.

Later in the evening, Mr. Ibarra Deri shared with the guests some tips when diving into portrait photography. Canon PH also organized a Dutch Auction, which many of the photography enthusiasts eagerly looked forward to! The price drop for the premium Canon items were unbelievable. They were slashing prices off like there was no tomorrow (for most of the items I remember, they slashed off a whopping 40% on most of the items’ prices! If I had poor self-control, I’m sure I’d have a new DSLR by now)

Canon Fashion Revolution canon philippines sale 2015

The most awaited part of the evening was the Shoot Out between Canon ambassadors pro-photographer Wesley Villarica and model-turned-photographer Sara Black.I was gripped by the excitement to see what they can produce in twenty minutes given the same ingredients to work with: a stunning model, the new Canon 5DS-R, three different lenses, and the liberty to play with the light setup. Both photographers worked with a volunteer in the audience to shoot, and both teams produced outstanding high-fashion photos. In the end, I wasn’t able to stick around long enough to see who was hailed the winner, but I have to give it to Team Wesley for this one! The team worked so well under the pressure of having only ten minutes left to shoot since they consumed the first half setting up strobes! The addition of the strobe lights resulted in an emotive fashion photo, one that’s ready to hit magazine spreads even sans post-processing!

Canon Fashion Revolution canon philippines sale 2015

You can still catch the sale from October 9-11 at the Canon booth at Samsung Hall Foyer, SM Aura. For more details on the sale (and to prepare your shopping list ahead!), visit www.canon.com.ph/promo/manilaphoto2015

To know more about Canon’s suite of imaging and printing solutions, please visit www.canon.com.ph. Interact with the brand on social media at:

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