Be NYFW Runway-Ready with Maybelline New York

Fresh from the runway: Rock these top beauty looks with Maybelline New York! Read on.

Hey loves! As you know, the most awaited semi-annual New York Fashion Week has concluded last month, and in its wake, gave us some of the best fashion and beauty trends predicted to be hot this season. Here’s a rundown of the top makeup trends every Pinay should watch out for:

Trend #1: Precise, crisp, and classic, the modern mattes take center stage. A clean face coupled with bright-colored, bold lips lets the lips tell its story. What does your bright matte pout say about you? Your dark slick-cherry red-colored puckers say, “I’m adventurous and ready to take on any challenge,” while your bright red (with a touch of orange) lips tell the world you’re fierce and fearless! Pink lips, on the other hand, are perfect for the fun-loving charmer, the girl who’s always playful and never takes life too seriously.

The Maybelline Color Sensational Bold Mattes

Thus, for every mood and weather, your beauty arsenal should be armed with the Maybelline Color Sensational Bold Mattes. It comes in three colors to love! I’ve personally tried each of them over the weekend and enjoying all three (no really, it’s super difficult to choose just one shade). I love the pink lipstick for laidback weekends, and enjoy the red one (Mat 02) for special occasions. However, my go-to lipstick, the lipstick I’ve chosen for my everyday kikay kit, is Mat 05. If red lipstick is power, this shade just boosts my confidence (at work or when on the go), and gives me power and strength to put my best face forward. Check out the lip swatches below!

Maybelline Color Sensational Bold Mattes lip swatch

Maybelline Color Sensational Bold Mattes

Trend #2: The Eye-conic Look – Strong, dramatic eyes dominated this year’s NYFW runway. and who better to rock the look than Filipinas who are naturally endowed with bright, big eyes! Bring the drama to your eyes (minus the tears ;) with the Color Tattoo 24-Hr Cream-Gel and the Lasting Drama Gel Liner. Truth be told, it was my first time to use a cream gel eye shadow, and at first I thought it was eyeliner, but I was a total convert after the first use. The application was smooth and effortless, and for someone like me who’s always up and about, this would totally be a sustainable solution to my dull-looking peepers when it’s this easy to apply. (I don’t have to bring out my makeup brushes anymore, hurray!)

Color Tattoo 24Hr Cream-Gel in Creamy Beige

I applied it by using a brush first, and using my fingers after. It both applies evenly, regardless of your choice of “applicator,” but it’s all really up to you. Pro-tip: Make sure you’re using clean brushes (or fingers)! Its 24-hour lasting power was not only visible on my eyelids, it was also visible at the back of my hand too, because I usually use that area to test the color and consistency, as well as to make sure that I have the right amount of product on my applicator before direct application to my eyelids. I tried rubbing it off with tissue, but no dice.

Maybelline new york lasting drama gel eyeliner in brown 02

Maybelline New York Lasting Drama Gel Eye Liner

I used the Lasting Drama Gel Liner to line my eyes, and it was really easy and fun to use! I should try the full cat-eye look next time!

Trend #3: Get your brow game on! It’s the year of the strong brows! Natural beauty won over over-the-top beauty looks this year as we started seeing more strong, naturally beautiful bold brows on the runway. Word is, Maybelline is coming out with the Fashion Brow Palette before the year closes, and it’s going to change how you do your brows forever. It’s def something to look forward to because it’s a multi-purpose brow and nose palette, helping you create and wear that chiseled and contoured look naturally.

Maybelline New York White Super Fresh 12H No Touchup Powder Foundation

Maybelline New York White Super Fresh 12H No Touchup Powder Foundation

Of course, all this won’t be complete without a fresh-looking matte skin! I use the White Super Fresh 12H No Touchup Powder Foundation to keep my oilies at bay for hours. If you’re struggling with controlling excess oil on your face, give the White Super Fresh a try and see if it works for you.

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