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I got mail! Read on to find out what’s inside.

Hey everyone! I’ve been gone for so long because of work and I can’t wait to give a looong update on what’s keeping me busy. For now, let me tell you about how I’ve been making a huge lifestyle change by opting for organic and natural products.

As you know, I work reaaaally long hours (I think I clock in 16-18 hours a day!) Crazy, right? Recently, I’ve learned that people who get less than seven hours of sleep are predisposed to gaining weight than people who get enough sleep. That means I’m not only killing myself with work, I’m also killing myself with less sleep, too! *groans*

So I’m back on the juice diet wherein I swap dinners for juices. I’m not sure if it’s helping me *NOT* gain weight, but it has been helping me feel less bloated, lighter, and a bit healthier (not to mention, less guilt from all the stress eating I’ve been doing!). I’ve also been working hard on getting enough water intake daily, swapping juices and coffee for water. It’s too early to tell whether it’s working, but I’m happy to be making progress with some baby steps than none at all!

Aside from that, I’ve been trying out these new variants from pH Care made from natural ingredients: pH Care Naturals Papaya and pH Care Naturals Guava. With women opting for natural and organic products, these newest products from pH Care are definitely on the right track! Moreover, the beauty of combining these natural ingredients with pH Care’s mild and effective intimate products is that it’s able to take advantage of the many uses of these ingredients.

pH Care Naturals Papaya

For pH Care Naturals Papaya, the whitening power of papaya targets to address dark skin around the feminine area. The feminine area is not a place where many whitening products dare to go because of the high sensitivity of the intimate areas. With the Papaya variant of pH Care, ladies can get fairer skin down there without being afraid of sensitivity reactions, because it’s made with the mildest ingredients.

On the other hand, pH Care Naturals Guava makes use of the strong anti-bacterial properties of guava. Guava leaves have been traditionally used for cleansing intimate areas, and this practice has been passed on from generation to generation. It doesn’t only keep your feminine areas free from infection and discomfort, it also deodorizes the area, to keep you feeling fresh and clean! Not to mention, this variant has a refreshing scent!

pH Care Naturals Guava

If you’ve always shied away from feminine wash because you’re afraid it would mess with your body chemistry down there, give these natural feminine variants from pH Care a try and let me know which one works out better for you! I am personally enjoying the Papaya variant more, but the Guava variant just might be to your liking, too!-HANA

The new pH Care Naturals Intimate Wash is available for P49.50 (50mL) and P104 (150mL) at leading supermarkets, drugstores, and beauty stores.

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