24-Hour Entertainment Club Sparks Malate Opens on September 26


Following the success of the first 24-hour night club and sports bar in QC comes a second branch invading the night out destination in Manila. Sparks Malate, a 24-hour restaurant, club, and sports bar, will be launching on September 26 to bring Manila party-goers an entirely different and amazing experience, available any time of the day. Managed by a team with over 75 years of cumulative experience, the Sparks experience promises to be different from the usual club experience, incorporating sports bar favorites with night club staples.


Sparks Malate’s management team has taken great lengths to stand out from their other competitors with a uniquely designed club experience that will keep you coming back for more. Even if you’re not into the night club lifestyle, the restaurant’s offers will draw you in with their delectable range of flavorful dishes. Make sure to sample their bestsellers when you drop by!

Finally, for anyone who’s urge to party knows no schedule, the night club is ready to serve 24 hours a day. This means no more waiting for night owls ready to prowl the dance floor. Morning is just as good to hit the club with your friends as any other time of the day, an idea that Sparks Malate and Sparks QC management team aims to promote. I have had my share of going to night clubs in Malate (or any other city in Metro Manila for that matter) and having to wait until 12 PM before enjoying the night. If you’re working on the graveyard shift and you miss out on all the night life fun, imagine how fun it must be to have all-day access to a night club! ;)

Sparks features and amenities include the sports bar that will get sports fans talking, the  dance club, VIP and Karaoke rooms, and even a spa and sports recreation area. For gourmands, Sparks offers a world-class food menu and a range of premium drinks (both local and imported beverages) to keep your appetite for good food satiated all throughout your stay. The availability of VIP rooms is a great option for those who would like to create an intimate and cozy atmosphere for their guests, and still get to enjoy the ambiance of the club.

Are you raring to go to the first 24-hour night club to hit Malate yet? If your answer is yes, save the date! Make your way to Sparks Malate on September 26 and bring your friends with you. It’s going to be an amazing club experience you wouldn’t want to keep to yourself.-HANA

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