My Favorite Things at Bellysima 2015

My top picks at Bellysima 2015. Craving for some of these? Head on over to Glorietta 5 for your fill of these delectable treats!

The Independence Day weekend saw the launch of Bellysima Food Festival 2015. It was rather unfortunate that we couldn’t be there during the opening weekend wherein many of the emerging foodpreneurs had set up shop and sold their yummy creations. The good news is that Bellysima will continue to cater to both foodies and food producers of the metro every Fridays and Saturdays, for an indefinite period of time. We made sure to drop by one weekend and grab as many of the good stuff we could get our hands on. Here are some of my favorites from Bellysima 2015:

Jacob’s Peanut Praline Butter in Hot Chili

First on my list is Jacob’s Peanut Praline Butter in Hot Chili. I’ve never been a big fan of peanut butter until this happened: a spicy variant of the creamiest peanut butter to ever go so well with bread (and probably anything you dip in it!). I can’t get enough of it. One bottle costs Php 190, but is well worth the price. You can order online through their Facebook page here: Jacob’s Peanut Praline Butter

Cereal Milk from MilkMan (Php 130)

This cereal milk from Milkman is pure genius! For anyone who loves cereals paired with great-tasting milk, Milkman’s Cereal Milk gets the job done with this delicious combination of cornflakes and milk. They also have Koko Krunch and Fruit Loops variants for the same price. Just make sure to keep these products refrigerated! Else, the drink might turn sour in a few hours.

Edible Cookie Dough (Php 130-140)

Another creation from Milkman turns childhood gastronomic dreams into reality. These edible cookie dough will get you reminiscing about the days you used to lick baking pans clean of cookie dough, and wished it wouldn’t punish you with the depressing discomfort of stomach upset. I mean, how can something that tastes so good totally turn your stomach upside down? The Edible Cookie Dough is a great choice of sweet indulgence for both kids and kids at heart. Learn more about Milkman’s delicious range of dairy products from the Milkman Facebook page.

Other assorted discoveries include the Sugarcane Juice, which was an interesting and unique flavor for me; the spicy chili artisan chocolates; and Cocoa Monster’s Chocolate Mangoes, which are a steal to buy from Bellysima, because these choco mangoes cost a fortune in Cebu! Aside from that, the Tablea products from Cocoa Monster will prove to be your favorite choice of beverage for this cold cuddle weather.

That’s it for my first raid of Bellysima! Let me know if I missed any other noteworthy products, so that I can look for them during my next visit. Until next time!-HANA

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