Uniqlo Celebrates Expression Through Style with UT You Talk

uniqlo UT You Talk yeng constantino joyce pring

Yeng Constantino and Joyce Pring at the UT You Talk event

How do you express yourself?

Some people do it through blogging (like me!), and some through arts. Some people, on the other hand, prefer to wear their heart on their sleeves by expressing their mood, thoughts, and passions through their outfits. I personally love statement shirts and shirts that tell everyone how strongly I feel about a certain cause or affiliation. For example, I keep a decent collection of UP shirts, because I love spreading UP Pride all around, and would like to be identified by my fellow iskos and iskas wherever I go. Stocking up on tees that represent your interests is a great way to communicate your ideas without even saying a word!

UT You Talk uniqlo

Fast Retailing Philippines COO Katsumi Kubota recalls the first ever Uniqlo shop that opened in the Philippines three years ago

Hence, global retail giant UNIQLO celebrates their third year in the Philippines with a bang with new designs of Uniqlo tees, more popularly known as UTs. They also launched na “UT You Talk” campaign wherein consumers were given the opportunity to make powerful statements about their style in their own creative ways. At the center of the campaign is the UT shirt, whose philosophy is: “A UT is more than just a T-shirt. It’s an expression of who you are, where you’ve been, what you love. With hundreds of limited-edition T-shirts to choose from each year, you’ll always find one that says exactly what you feel.”

uniqlo UT You Talk wu-tang clan

Yeng Constantino performs in her Wu-Tang Clan UT

Alex Gonzaga represents the brand as the face of the UT You Talk, promoting responsible use of freedom of speech on social media and creative expression through your choice of UTs. She donned a pink UT during the launch, which, she says, is reflective of her cheerful disposition.

uniqlo UT You Talk alex gonzaga joyce pring

Alex Gonzaga and Joyce Pring during the UNIQLO UT You Talk event

Aside from the promos and sales that mark the third year anniversary celebration of UNIQLO, the brand has also collaborated with home-grown brands Jollibee and San Miguel Beer. The Jollibee shirts are already available in UNIQLO outlets, while the San Mig Beer UTs will be coming up a later this year.

Spotted Jollibee shopping for UTs at UNIQLO!

I’ve personally seen the new UT designs and I’m excited to collect all of my favorite designs! The designs include creative takes on Star Wars, The Adventures of Tin-Tin, Marvel and DC characters, as well Disney icons. Check out the rest of the available designs over at www.uniqlo.com/ph/ -HANA

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