[REVIEW]: Vine Holistic Aesthetics Clinic (BGC, Taguig City)

Vine Holistic Aesthetics clinic medical spa bgc the fort

What differentiates Vine Holistic Medical Aesthetics from other medical spa and clinics? Find out!

Earlier last week, I was invited to a quick chat for consultation at the Vine Holistic Medical Aesthetics Clinic in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. I was welcomed warmly by the team behind the aesthetics clinic led by Vine Holistic’s Medical Director, Dra. Emehly Sevilla-Castillo. I got acquainted with the clinic and the procedures that they offer, and was able to learn a lot from our consultation session! Here are some of my key takeaways from talking with the bubbly Dra. Em:

  • When asked what are the top three skincare and wellness concerns that she encounters when consulting patients, Dra Em shares that fat around the hips and waist area tops the list. Warts end up second, which she explains that most people brushes off too carelessly. As one strain of HPV can be transmitted through warts, women most especially should take caution when dealing with warts, and should get their cervical vaccine doses in an abundance of precaution. Aging concerns complete the list, as many patients as young as 25 years old come to her for advice for combating the wear and tear that starts on the inside, but manifests on the outside.
  • Q: If there’s one thing people neglect too often that could positively influence their skin’s health and overall wellness, what would it be? A: “Hydration.” Dra. Em emphasizes the importance of sufficient hydration in preventing most of the common skincare problems, such as wrinkles, dryness, aging, and pimples. Consuming the standard 8-10 glasses of water on a daily basis can really help detoxify the body of impurities. Plus, water is cheap!

Vine Holistic Aesthetics clinic medical spa bgc the fort

  • Their most popular services include the Oxygen Facial Therapy with Diamond Peel, anti-aging services, and the Tri-shaper that “melts” fat in a target body area within minutes!
  • The aesthetics clinic’s unique offer is holistic care. Dra. Em shares an example of a dangerous trend in most skincare and wellness clinics wherein a solution to a problem leaves behind another problem. With the solutions and offers from Vine Holistic, the team aims to solve the primary problem, and also cover even potential problems that could stem from it. Their strong push towards holism reflects Dra. Em’s roots as she started on her medical career as a nurse. She shares that her nursing background combined with her spirituality, helps her provide a more empathetic approach to caring for her clients.
  • Vine Holistic has also tied up with The Good Juice to offer cleansing and detox solutions to their clients, with emphasis on taking care of your body not only on the outside, but also on the inside.
Vine Holistic Aesthetics clinic medical spa bgc the fort

Inside Vine Holistic Aesthetics Clinic

When it was time to choose a service to try, Dra. Em recommended that I go for their Oxygen Hydration Therapy to remedy my acne scars and bad skin (I admit I really don’t have great skin!). My last facial session was during god knows when, and I have never looked back because of two reasons: one, I am deathly afraid of pain and have a very low pain threshold; two, my face usually ends up murdered and close to bleeding after facial sessions. Hence, I’ve avoided going for facials for the longest time. This is besides the fact that I had to run off to another appointment after and didn’t want to look like a beet the whole evening. Despite all that, Dra Em effortlessly convinced me to go for it, and that I don’t have to be afraid of the prick marks. Her words were (And I held her to that promise!): “[If anything, the facial] will prepare you for your appointment!”

Aside from the usual pricking and removal of comedones, it made use of oxygen therapy to rejuvenate and heal the skin. There was also a part of the treatment that made use of Vitamin C-infused water to spray on my face.

Vine Holistic Aesthetics clinic medical spa bgc the fort

The truth of the matter is, it was the most relaxing facial session I’ve ever experienced. There was the occasional stinging during the pricking, but afterwards, none of it was evident on my face! No bleeding or redness at all! I observed my skin for a couple of days after the facial to see if I develop any unwanted skin reactions to the treatment, but so far there has been none! No new zits coming out, no lingering redness or wounds from the pricking. It was the best facial session I’ve ever tried, and would gladly come back for it again.

Price Range: Php 3600 for one session; opting in for a program (10 sessions of Oxygen Hydration Therapy for Php 18,000 instead of Php 36,000) would be a great choice if you want to maintain the lifestyle and not break the bank.

There are other treatments and skincare solutions available for every concern. My friend, Blaire, tried out the Tri-Shaper treatment targeting her tummy areas, and lost 10 centimeters in one and a half hours! And all she had to do was lie down. That’s exercise for rich people right there. =)) They have an ongoing promotion for the Tri-shaper, with the promo rate pegged at PHp 40,000 for ten sessions, or an equivalent of thirty treatments in total (since the Tri-shaper is composed of three different treatments).

After my satisfying facial session, I’m looking forward to a second visit (or even a third or fourth!) If you ever have skincare problems that you’ve always struggled with, Dra. Em and the rest of the highly-skilled Vine Aesthetics team might just be your ticket to healthier looking skin. I would highly recommend that you book a consultation and discover what Vine Holistic Aesthetics Clinic can do for you.-HANA

Vine Holistic Aesthetics Clinic
Unit 2H Mezzanine Level, The Grand Hamptons Tower II
1st Avenue corner 31st street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Contact Nos: 09178590642 | (02) 2172687 | (02) 9649338

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