New Food Discoveries to Look Out For at BellySima Food Festival 2015

food market manila mercato

Swing by BellySima on June 12 and 13 at the Glorietta 5 Activity Center and liberate your appetite!

Want a healthier and fresher take on your favorite food finds? Then drop by the Glorietta 5 Activity Center this Independence Day weekend and indulge in the new discoveries awaiting you at BellySima Food Festival 2015! BellySima is the brainchild of Mercato Centrale and Our Awesome Planet in their mission to promote local culinary talents in the Philippines. This year, they’re giving gourmet, artisanal, organic, and special or unique food producers to showcase their products for free in this much-awaited two-day event.

food market manila mercato

BellySima 2015 Promotes Local!

With Pinoy Food dubbed as the Next Big Culinary Trend this year and in 2016, it’s no wonder that BellySima Food Festival is aiming to tap culinary talents that have a lot of new gastronomic offers to bring to the table. There’s so much surprises awaiting foodies taking part in this year’s food fest: from artisanal sausages to edible cookie dough (yum!), flavored flans to carabao chicharon, chili-flavored coffee syrups (this I got to try!) to organic detox juices. I bet you’ll run out of tummy space faster than you can run out of delicious food finds!

Don’t forget to bring the whole family and barkada to enjoy heirloom recipes, regional delicacies, experimental dishes, and innovative and tasty pastries and desserts, alongside healthy food options!

Pro-tip: Wear loose clothing because you’re going to be eating a lot!

Keep your eyes peeled for the following startup food businesses:

BACH’S BANGUS DAGUPAN Frozen bangus, daing na bangus, rellenong bangus
BLUSH PASTRIES Cheesecake, Oreo cookies, flavored cupcakes
BRAVO DELI Baked products
CHOCO LOCCO Chocolates, cacao, tablea
COCOA MONSTERS Chocolate and cocoa-related products, including chocolate-coated dried mangoes
COOKIE STICKS Cookies in stick form
DELICANE Fresh sugarcane juices
FRIGGIES Healthy fruits and vegetable juices
GAVIENS NATIVE CAKES Traditional Filipino rice cakes
GOOD FOOD Handcrafted items and organic produce
GORBY BALLS Graham balls
HEALTHY SHOTS MANILA Detox and cleansing juices
HOMEGROWN ORGANICS Fresh vegetables, organic kale pesto, atchara
IRRI – PHILIPPINE HEIRLOOM RICE Heirloom rice varieties from the Cordilleras
KURIKIPU Hot and iced brewed coffee, pasta, healthy juices, brownies
LOKALITEA Turmeric tea
LOTUS POD PH Fresh vegetables
MADE BY MAX Nut butter spreads
MILETTE KAKANIN Various homemade traditional Filipino rice cakes and other delicacies
MILEA BEE FARM Organic honey and other honey-based products
MILKMAN DAIRY BAR Edible cookie dough and cereal milk
MIO GELATI Fresh and authentic Italian ice cream
MR. MONTY Tofu with veggies siomai and various special sauces like chili and chili garlic in coconut oil
PEANUT BUTTER & JELLY Imported goodies
PIPER’S PAN Mini cakes
PURE ENERGY Kalabasa and beet delicacies, beet healthy drinks
PURPLE BUDS Red velvet crinkles and other baked products
REYSONS FOOD Dolci bottled coffee jelly
RITZY PINK SHOPPE Baked chicken embutido, banana cupcakes and oatmeal cookies
SALATA PH Salad dressings and sauces, healthy snacks
TREATS OF TRIX Cheesecakes in a jar
WISE EATS FOODS Artisan sausages, chorizos, vegetable preserves, salad dressings, etc.

Each one looks promising! I’ll probably be spending my Independence Day posting live tweets on which ones are must-tries (while half the time stuffing my mouth and reaching for the next delicious item)! How about you, which ones are on your list of participating brands to look out for?-HANA

food market manila mercato

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