[Review] Delightful Surprises at the New Mrs. Fields Cafe + GIVEAWAY! (SM Makati, Makati City)

mrs fields cafe sm makati

Now Open: Mrs. Fields Cafe at SM Makati

The first thing that comes to mind with the mention of Mrs. Fields is, almost always and without fail, cookies, and for a good reason. Debbi Fields started on the path of her baking career when she was thirteen years old, and she hasn’t stopped baking since. What started as a hobby became a phenomenal hit with cookie lovers. A single bite of Mrs. Fields’ cookie is enough to convince people to buy cookies by the dozen. Thus, Mrs. Fields’ position today as a household name when it comes to great-tasting cookies is well-deserved.

mrs fields cafe sm makati

So it was not without surprise for me to find out that Mrs. Fields also offers meals– sandwiches and waffles that strayed away from the cookie variants they are popular for. Earlier this month, Mrs. Fields opened the first Mrs. Fields Cafe in SM Makati. If you’re familiar only with the cookie stalls of Mrs. Fields in malls, then you will welcome this whole new look. Instagram-worthy walls, wi-fi connectivity, and posh furniture mark the new cafe. If you’ve always wanted to hang out and enjoy your Mrs. Fields treats, then this is the perfect place for you.

mrs fields cafe sandwich panini cookies sm makati

Roast Beef Sandwich (A la carte – Php 165, Paired with chips, Twinings Iced Tea and a cookie – Php 250)

With the opening of the new cafe also ushered in the introduction of the meals to their menu for a more filling dining experience. The Perfect Pair packages on the new menu pairs your choice of waffles, sliders, paninis, and sandwiches, that comes with a cookie and a serving of Twinings Iced Tea (which can be upgraded to any hot or iced drink for an additional Php 25). My top picks include the Roast Beef Sandwich, Peanut Butter and Banana Waffle, and Garden Pesto Panini. The Roast Beef sandwich gets my vote because who doesn’t like roast beef? Among the ones I’ve tried, it was the tastiest and most filling. The Peanut Butter and Banana waffle is a popular choice for kids and those who love dessert-type waffles, but for those who want a savory variant, there’s a Bacon and Cheese waffle to keep you satiated.

mrs fields cafe sm makati breezers cookie nibblers

Mrs. Fields’ Breezers and cookie nibblers

If there’s one thing you shouldn’t miss out on trying at the cafe, it’s Mrs. Fields’ refreshing Breezers! These flavorful slush drinks are a great way to beat the heat, and comes in two exciting variants, the Cookie Crumble Breezer, and the Brownie Mocha Breezer. Get the Brownie Mocha if you’re craving for a coffee-infused drink. At Php 75 for the 8-oz, and Php 95 for the 12-oz, the Breezer is one of the most affordable items on the menu, so don’t forget to try it out for yourself!

mrs fields cafe sm makati sweet indulgent creations twinings tea

Indulgent Creations and Twinings Premium Blended Tea

Finally, the sinful fusion of Mrs. Fields delightful cookie recipes with our old-time Hershey’s chocolate favorites makes the sweet indulgent line one that’s difficult to resist. Take home half a dozen as a pasalubong for the family for Php 330 (Php 59/ piece). The Twinings Premium Blended Tea would be a great choice of beverage to down the Indulgent creation cookies with, since they’re not too sweet and has six variants to choose from.

Overall, the new food offers from Mrs. Fields is looking very promising! In order to give the best experience to their Philippine market, they had to innovate and come up with creations that deviate from the global offers. Their willingness to take the risk has paid off, because diners are proving to be very receptive to the new offers and is appealing well to the Pinoy tastebuds. Their marketing team shares that there is more in store, but will have to keep us in suspense for a little while longer as they perfect their soon-to-be-released creations.

mrs fields cafe sm makati giveaway

Win Php 1500 worth of Mrs. Fields GCs from DollHana.com

I’ve had a great dining experience at the new Mrs. Fields Cafe in SM Makati, and I want to share the experience with you! In the spirit of sharing, here’s Php 1500 worth of Mrs. Fields GCs to be won by one winner. Interested? Here are the mechanics:

  • Like HANA and Mrs. Fields Philippines Facebook Pages
  • Follow @dollhana and @mrsfieldsph on Instagram
  • Share this giveaway on Facebook (public post), Twitter, and Instagram! Don’t forget to include the link  use the hashtags #DollHanaGiveaway and #LoveitShareit so that I can track your entries. You only need to share once per platform.
  • One winner of the Php 1500 GC will be chosen by raffle and announced on June 20, 2015!~

Good luck to everyone participating! #LoveitShareit-HANA

Update (as of 6/21/2015): The contest is now closed! Thank you so much for joining this giveaway. Congratulations to our lucky winner:

@issagelito on Instagram! Congratulations :)

Send me a quick PM with your full name, and shipping details (address and contact number) via Facebook. Thanks everyone! Til the next giveaway :)-HANA

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