[Review] Meiko Cosmetics’ Naturactor Concealer in 151

meiko cosmetics naturactor concealer review philippines

Review: Meiko Cosmetics’ Naturactor in 151

Naturactor has been out in the market for quite some time now. In fact, I got acquainted with the brand through fellow makeup artist in Facebook groups raving non-stop about the coverage. It was my mom that convinced me to try it out, me being the paranoid girl that I am that every unknown brand is out to break me out. But seeing how well it works on my mom, and all those testimonials from MUAs using it on celebrities’ faces was enough to make me take the risk. Of course, there was also the compelling argument that my choice of concealer, the MAC Pro Longwear Concealer, is not as affordable and available as Meiko’s Naturactor Concealer. Which is why I was swayed to try out this product for myself.

meiko cosmetics naturactor concealer review philippines

The authentic Meiko Naturactor Concealer in 151 is labeled “Made in Japan”, and sells for anywhere from Php 300 – 600 online or in mall stalls. It comes in a small, circular plastic container carrying 20 g of the product and packaged in a sleek white box. The twist cap container holds in place properly, so any fears of the product creating a ruckus inside your makeup kit should be allayed.

The cream-type concealer, as I have learned from experience, has very good coverage for its cheap price. The lasting power is also impressive, as it lent me a polished look for hours. You need only very little amount of the product to conceal acne marks, dark spots, and any imperfections you’d want to mask, so the best way to do this is to use your fingers to blend until you get the right amount and effect desired. Another bonus is that it’s not oily at all! Comparing all these to my current HG concealer, it is easy to see that for the price range of Php 300-600, I am slowly favoring Naturactor over MAC Pro Longwear.

However, three days of use has caused the first pimple to surface along one of the spots I applied it on. And then a second… and a third.

You can imagine my horror when I broke out because of my decision to try Naturactor. It took a week for the pimples to disappear, but the cystic ones took longer to go away. I love the product. However, what I don’t love is that it’s not compatible with my skin type. So, lesson learned! And for everyone else out there, make sure to try out a product for a week before making the switch from your tried-and-tested brands.

I’m sure this would work well for others, but for those with acne-prone skin types, better not risk it.-HANA

PS: How about you? Have you tried Naturactor before? How did you like the lasting power and coverage? share with me your thought on the product by commenting below!

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