[Review] More Than Just Awesome Crab: Holy Crab Seafood Bar, SM Mall of Asia (Pasay City)

holy crab seafood bar sm mall of asia pasay city

With the number of shrimp restaurants opening and riding the seafood trend, the newly opened Holy Crab Seafood Bar aims to bring something different to the table. Business partners and bestfriends Peter Tajon and Dots Tan, together with their partners behind the seafood restaurant, opens their second branch along the Seaside Boulevard of SM Mall of Asia in Pasay City. It has been met with much gusto from foodies from all over the metro, and has been fostering a following ever since they opened their first store in Paranaque.

holy crab seafood bar sm mall of asia pasay city

The vibrant ambiance inside the Holy Crab Seafood Bar was made possible by Dots Tajon, comprising half of the tandem that’s at the forefront of the store operations.

The bar at the counter was strongly reminiscent of surf bars restaurant, complete with an authentic surf board at the corner of the counter. The vibrant lighting and the interesting choices of fixtures and paintings on the walls, all created and designed by the talented Dots, makes it all the more inviting to step in and indulge in the ambiance. When you turn your head to every nook and cranny, there’s always something new and different to see, which is a welcome treat from the conventional and one-dimensional.

Tables were lined with white cartolinas and topped with buckets filled with coloring materials, wherein kids and kids-at-heart can spend their time creating without a care in the world. By opting to include an activity guests can delight in, the team behind Holy Crab has lent a congenial atmosphere to the restaurant, making it feel like a home away from home.

holy crab seafood bar sm mall of asia pasay city

Sizzling Salted Duck Egg and Grilled Pork Sisig (Php 220)

The first of the appetizers revealed that the restaurant did not restrict their menu to seafood only dishes. In fact, the Sizzling Salted Duck Egg and Grilled Pork Sisig was, by far, our group’s favorite dish of the night. It tasted like your special dish of spicy sisig, only better! What makes it memorable was the inclusion of the sizzling salted duck egg that gave the dish not only a rich flavor, but more importantly, depth. I could have finished the whole dish if I didn’t have to share it with the rest of my friends! This effortlessly makes it to the top of my list of reasons to come back and forget about diet altogether (Diet? What diet???).

holy crab seafood bar sm mall of asia pasay city

Holy Calamari (Php 200)

The Calamari provided to be a satisfying appetizer, even though its flavor pales in contrast to the Grilled Pork Sisig. The thick squid cuts and the delicious vinegar make this worth the calories!

holy crab seafood bar sm mall of asia pasay city

Crisp Gambas Overload (Php 350)

Another dish that gets our seal of approval is the Crisp Gambas Overload. Whole prawns covered in batter and cooked until perfectly crisp and spicy makes this dish one of the most memorable items on the menu. They cook it with the skin, which lends extra crispiness with every bite. Be careful though! This dish is extra spicy. This is perfect with a serving of rice, especially since you’d want to savor the spicy sauce of the shrimp as well!

holy crab seafood bar sm mall of asia pasay city

This is what seafood dreams are made of!

The highlight of our dinner involved feasting on some of the biggest crabs I’ve ever seen in my life. The amazing part is you get to decide from what type of seafood (your choice of shrimp, crab, local mussels, or a mix of all three plus squid and sweet corn), to the variety of sauce, and even to the level of spiciness! They cook the seafood and mix them with the sauce in a thick plastic bag. This is definitely an interesting way to cook and serve food. The only downside is the concern that the seafood doesn’t absorb much of the flavor since it isn’t cooked in the sauce.

When our cooked catch finally arrived at our table, we did what any sane foodie would do: relaxed and enjoyed the meal with our hands! The restaurant offers plastic gloves for those who don’t want to get their hands dirty while cracking crab shells, and sucking on crab meat clean, but for those who do want to really eat with their bare hands, they have a lavatory complete with hand soap, so you don’t have to worry about your hands smelling fishy after meal.

Down everything with your choice of beverage. The fresh drinks in carafe, which can serve up to three or four guests, are refreshing choices if you want to lay off the soda. The Blue Sea Lemonade is highly recommended!

Price Range: Since they’re priced per grams for the crabs (and per pound for the shrimp), the price range is not as intimidating as you might fear.

Will I come back again? The location is a bit far from my place, so I won’t say that I’d be willing to travel all the way to MOA for my fill of crabs and shrimps. However, I have a couple of picks from their menu (the Sizzling Salted Duck Egg and Grilled Pork Sisig and the Crisp Gambas Overload are high up on my list!) that would give me nightmares if I don’t come back for them anytime soon.

holy crab seafood bar sm mall of asia pasay city

The team and staff behind Holy Crab. Thank you for the warm hospitality! :)

If you’re a sucker for crabs and all things seafood (figuratively and literally), then you’ll surely enjoy the delectable offers at Holy Crab Seafood Bar in SM Mall of Asia. Come drop by anytime you’re feeling crabby and let Holy Crab’s roster of comfort food turn your day around.-HANA

PS: Which of the featured dishes got you craving for seafood? Share your thoughts with me in the comments section below!

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