[Review] Azalea Residences Baguio (Leonard Wood Loop, Baguio City)

Azalea Residences Baguio provides a sanctuary for any season and any occasion. Read about my weekend retreat to the summer capital of the Philippines and my three-day stay at Azalea Residence Baguio’s vacation suite.

Everyone’s flocking to Baguio this season! The promise of a comfortable retreat from humid Manila is just to hard to resist, especially with the summer heat spiking close to 40 every so often. So it was truly a welcome treat when we were afforded the opportunity to go to Baguio last weekend despite our hectic schedule at work. Together with a few of our other blogger friends, we made our way to the chilly city of Baguio and stayed at Azalea Residences for a well-deserved weekend getaway.

Our first contact with the staff of Azalea Residences Baguio was at the bus terminal, wherein they assisted us with our baggage and drove us to the hotel. It was a quick ten-minute drive, and moments later, we were dropped off at the lobby. Our luggage have been taken care of by the hotel staff, and we made our way to the reception area feeling relieved that we have reached our destination. Upon entering, we were welcomed with drinks in champagne glasses — an orange juice drink making the start of an exciting weekend adventure even sweeter.

It was no surprise that upon getting there, we were eager to check out the rooms. After a five-hour commute by bus, everyone wanted to rest their sore backs and get some snooze in preparation for the night’s itinerary. Since I shared the room with four of my blogger friends, we were given a three-bedroom suite, complete with household appliances and furniture that lent the feeling of home. It was perfect for a group our size. The room came with three bedrooms, one with a single bed, and the two other had queen-sized beds and bathrooms.

All three rooms in the suite had flat screen TVs with cable connection and had strong wifi in our location. Pro-tip: Our room was on the first floor, so if you value convenience and good wi-fi connectivity over the view that balconies on the upper floors can provide, then make sure to choose a room on the first floor. There wasn’t much of a view from our balcony, but the cold air from outside entering through the open doors to the balcony was more than refreshing.

This trip and hotel review won’t be complete without a bathroom selfie!

I shared one of the two bathrooms with two of my blogger friends, and it was just the right size for the three of us. Aside from the hot shower, I liked that it was well-stocked with bath towels and toiletries. However, it would be best to bring your own set of shampoo and conditioner, because the hair care products provided might not be enough for more than one person. Aside from that, make sure to give the shower some time to “warm up”, especially if you’re cold-intolerant like me. It takes a few moments before the water it’s safe to jump in the shower, so don’t get too excited!

The view from the top

The hotel is just five minutes away by car from Session Road, but it feels so isolated, allowing for a place where you can really think and relax, and maybe even contemplate on the meaning of life. The brick road pictured above leads to a playground where kids can play to their heart’s content.

We had breakfasts and dinners at Tradisyon Coffee Shop, Azalea Residences Baguio’s flagship restaurant. I cannot stress enough how much their breakfasts and hot chocolate made cold mornings in Baguio something to look forward to.

At Tradisyon Coffee Shop, Azalea Residences, Baguio


Aside from the lack of a gym (and probably a swimming pool for those hardcore enough to take a dip in the cold weather of Baguio), everything you might ever need during your getaway is within reach at Azalea. They also have tour arrangements and vacation services, laundry and dry cleaning, spa and massage services, and even transportation arrangements to and from Manila! To summarize, Azalea Residences Baguio marries the luxury of staying in a hotel and the comforts of home. The best part is that it’s so near the city’s main attractions, so you can make the most out of your trip by seeing the sights only Baguio has to offer.

I had an enjoyable three-day stay at Azalea Residences Baguio and would highly recommend it to families with kids, or even couples and small groups who would like the feel of home away from home. It’s too soon to tell when my next visit will be. I’m not yet even done writing about the entirety of my Baguio trip! Make sure to watch out for my next blog posts on our group’s Baguio adventure that was!-HANA

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