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French Tattoo Artist Creates Tattoo Masterpieces Appear Like Watercolor Paintings on Skin

klaim watercolor tattoo art

Talented Tattoo artist Klaim changes the game with tattoos that look like watercolor paintings. See more of his work below.

Please pardon the partial nudity and the number of buttcracks in this entire blog post, but I just have to share with you the amazing work of this talented tattoo artist from France. A tattoo artist named Klaim has been inspiring ink enthusiasts all over the world with his amazing work that makes tattoos seem like watercolor paintings on bodies as canvas...

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Redefining Sexy: The BETADINE Feminine Wash’s Twice a Week Habit

Clean is the new sexy. #IDoItTwiceaWeek

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Clean is the new sexy. For the modern Filipina, sexy can mean a lot of things– confidence and strength being high up on the list. However, at the core of every woman’s confidence is the basic need to feel clean and protected, one that relies heavily on proper feminine hygiene habit...

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Kiss Me Heroine Make Launches Jewelry Eye Color Makeup

Kiss Me Heroine Make Jewelry Eye color Makeup isehan mandom philippines

Kiss Me Heroine Make by Isehan launches their newest eyeshadows, the Jewelry Eye Color. I got Beige Gold and Rose Garnet! I am also loving the Impact Liquid Eyeliner from Kiss Me Heroine Make.

As a girl who frequently wears makeup, I know how frustrating it can be for makeup that took too long to apply to appear like it wasn’t ever there in the first place in just a few hours post-application...

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