HANA’s Birthday Wishlist 2015!

I’ll be celebrating my birthday in a few weeks! I thought I’d put together a list of things I wanted to reward myself with for reaching the quarter-life milestone. I’ve been pretty hardworking lately, so I think I deserve to at least get myself one of these!

1. Clinique Chubby Stick Sculpting Contour & Sculpting Highlight

It’s no secret that I have chubby cheeks! A little help pushing them up with the new Clinique Chubby Stick Sculpting Contour would help me conquer my dysmorphic body image by just a little bit. I’ve seen photos of how beautifully the contouring stick is easy to blend and how it naturally gives a very sculpted look. However, I haven’t checked the local Clinique stores for stocks, so it might not yet be available here in the Philippines.

2. Happy Skin Cosmetics!

I am a big fan of local cosmetic brand, Happy Skin, and use their Don’t Get Mad, Get Even Foundation every day. So when they released these beautiful limited edition peachy shades for their Shut Up and Kiss Me lippies, I just knew I want to have them! Both shades, the Bride-to-be and Hold My Hand, are gorgeous and perfect for everyday wear. To complement a beautifully painted pair of puckers is a peachy pink shade of blush, also from the Beauty in Bloom limited edition. Peachy colors are wonderful to wear any time of the year, which makes them a must-have in every girl’s kikay kit.

3. Boots for the rainy season

Looking at my current collection of shoes, I can tell that my feet will be spending a lot of time underwater come rainy season. A dependable pair of boots is required to get me through. These taupe Aria boots from Zalora can get the job done! Also eyeing the cute taupe-colored boots from CLN since forever. Boots are great for any season and easy to pair even with dresses and skirts, so getting one is essential.

4. SevenWeekends shoes

These shoes. I have no words for them.

5. Sunnies

Summer’s almost over but I haven’t gotten myself a pair of sunnies like I promised myself to. Hoping to snag these tinted aviators from River Island. The color is just gorge.

There you have it! I think I have successfully just convinced myself to buy everything on the list and justify spending in the coming weeks, lol! Shopping is therapy for me, but getting the items on my list are not a prerequisite to a happy birthday. I think a week off from work and an out-of-town trip with my love, or even a pizza and cake dinner at home is enough to make me happy. The stuff on my list are awesome wants, but knowing that I have a job I love, an amazing boyfriend, and a loving family (and Dommie!) reminds me that I have everything I need.-HANA


4 comments to HANA’s Birthday Wishlist 2015!

  • Greg  says:

    How much range sa Seven Weekends na pair?

    • dollhana  says:

      Hi Greg! Their heels are regularly priced at Php 3,000-4,000. If you’re lucky, you can catch the beautiful pairs from the older collection on sale at Php 2000-2700.

  • Anna  says:

    Happy Birthday Hana!! I Love all item

    • dollhana  says:

      Thank you, Anna! :)

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