French Tattoo Artist Creates Tattoo Masterpieces Appear Like Watercolor Paintings on Skin

klaim watercolor tattoo art

Talented Tattoo artist Klaim changes the game with tattoos that look like watercolor paintings. See more of his work below.

Please pardon the partial nudity and the number of buttcracks in this entire blog post, but I just have to share with you the amazing work of this talented tattoo artist from France. A tattoo artist named Klaim has been inspiring ink enthusiasts all over the world with his amazing work that makes tattoos seem like watercolor paintings on bodies as canvas. I’ve never seen anything as awe-inspiring as these beautiful watercolor-like tattoos. This has really given tattoo art a whole new meaning.

klaim watercolor tattoo art

klaim watercolor tattoo art

 klaim watercolor tattoo artklaim watercolor tattoo art

klaim watercolor tattoo art

klaim watercolor tattoo art artist

The splashes of colors combined with the watercolor effect that makes it appear as if its running on your skin make these set of tattoos more than noteworthy — they’re unforgettable.

If you’ve ever seen anything just as fascinating as these beautiful tattoo masterpieces, feel free to link them to me below! I always love a good source of inspiration.-HANA

PS: Which one was your favorite? Don’t forget to drop a comment below!

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