Baguio City Activities and Destinations Under 500 Pesos

what to do in Baguio city activities destinations sitio la presa forevermore benguet baguio

Enjoy many of Baguio’s exclusive offers and attractions for under 500 Pesos. Here’s how.

The summer’s almost over! But you can’t let it end without a last hurrah at the Summer Capital of the Philippines up north. And if you’re strapped for cash, then you’re in luck, because I’ve compiled a list of activities under 500 Pesos that you and your friends can add to you must-do list when in Baguio.

what to do in Baguio city activities destinations strawberry farm la trinidad benguet

Strawberry Farm at La Trinidad, Baguio

1. Go strawberry picking at La Trinidad’s Strawberry Farm

As Baguio is known for many things, one of those for being the Strawberry Capital of the Philippines, you wouldn’t ever run out of things to do in Baguio. In fact, strawberry picking in La Trinidad should be high up on your list. However, be warned that picking your own strawberries might be more expensive than just buying them from the market. The reason? Strawberries are known to be very delicate fruits, and the harvests tend to be wasted when amateurs choose to pick their own strawberries. Hence, the mark-up in rates.

what to do in Baguio city activities destinations strawberry ice cream la trinidad benguet

Strawberry Ice Cream for Php 20

In case you want to leave the strawberry picking to the experts, you can still enjoy the experience at La Trinidad by savoring their Strawberry Taho (one that you won’t find in Manila!) and Strawberry Ice Cream. The real flavors of strawberry infused in the ice cream is unparalleled in freshness and taste.

what to do in Baguio city activities destinations strawberry taho la trinidad benguet baguio city

Strawberry Taho, with price range from Php 20 for a small glass, and Php 30-40 for a tall glass.

Some strawberry taho can be a tad too sweet, but the two constant things in most taho are: 1) They have real bits and pieces of strawberries, and 2) it tastes like strawberry jam.

what to do in Baguio city activities destinations la trinidad benguet baguio city strawberry farm

Baguio’s version of the DQ Blizzard

Aside from the yummy strawberry treats, I also found it amusing how the taho and ice cream vendors in Baguio are aware of the lure of social media in the decision-making process of the millenials and the Generation Z. Notice that in kuya’s sign in the photo above, it says, “Pang-Instagram”. On the way to the farm area, the taho vendors were also saying things like, “Super Hashtag! Pang-Instagram nyo na po!” When in Baguio, make sure to meet these social media-savvy vendors at La Trinidad, and have a taste of their flavorful treats!

rose farm barangay bahong what to do in Baguio city activities destinations

Barangay Bahong, the Rose Capital of the Philippines

2. Visit the Rose Farm at Barangay Bahong

Not only is Baguio the Strawberry Capital of the Philippines. It is also renowned for being the Rose Capital of the Philippines. In Barangay Bahong lies hectares of land filled with lush flowerbeds. which makes it worth the visit despite traveling the distance under the scorching summer heat (yes, it’s hot in Baguio this time of the year too!)

what to do in Baguio city activities destinations rose farm barangay bahong

You’ll know you’re on the right track to the Rose Farm when you see this sign.

There weren’t many roses in sight, so we settled for daisies, instead. There’s no entrance fee or any fees for that matter. All you need is a private car or a taxi to get to the rose farm. Make sure to also ask for permission before entering areas in the field!

what to do in Baguio city activities destinations rose farm barangay bahong

3. Head over to Sitio La Presa in Benguet

A little farther away from Baguio’s CBD than others on this list is Sitio La Presa in Benguet, now a tourist location as made popular by the ABS-CBN hit teleserye, Forevermore. It’s about forty minutes to an hour worth of drive away from Baguio City, but the view is something you’d definitely want to see.

what to do in Baguio city activities destinations sitio la presa forevermore


When we dropped by last weekend, the narrow road leading to La Presa were packed with vans immobilized by the volume of people and the vendor stalls at the side of the street. Cars would have a difficult time getting to the center of La Presa, so the best way to go is by foot. Pro-tip: Don’t wear heels. Yes, I tried.

The show Forevermore has really brought so many tourists to the small sitio. While this has led to a booming business for many locals of the place, I hope that there will be less people the next time I’m there.

what to do in Baguio city activities destinations

The mountains are on the level of the clouds.

Driving away from La Presa and back to Baguio City showed us how close we were to the sky. The roads we were driving on were at the level of the clouds, and we just couldn’t let the opportunity to take photos of this amazing view pass us by.

what to do in Baguio city activities destinations

Risking my life for this photo in the middle of the only road from the top of the mountains, because yes, “Clouds are worth fighting for.”

4. Challenge your fear of heights with TreeTop Adventure’s *death-defying rides

what to do in Baguio city activities destinations treetop adventure silver surfer

We survived TreeTop Adventure Baguio’s Silver Surfer!

Our friends from Azalea Residences Baguio drove us all the way to Treetop Adventure to share with us the thrill of their exciting rides. They had seven rides and activities to choose from, the most popular ones of which are the Silver Surfer, the Superman, and the Tree Drop. Since we’ve both experienced the Superman before, Kyle and I decided to try the Silver Surfer. For the extra challenge, I went on the ride on heels (Totally not recommended and only because I didn’t get the opportunity to change to another pair!)

what to do in Baguio city activities destinations treetop adventure silver surfer

Our tickets for the Silver Surfer

It was a terrifying experience for someone like myself who is deathly afraid of heights, but it was a memorable experience, one you should try at least once during your Baguio visit! A ride on the Silver Surfer costs Php 200, and one go at the Superman costs Php 300. Check out the rest of Treetop Adventures’ packages and rates on their website!

5. Play a game of Amazing Race with your barkada

If there’s one thing our little game of Amazing Race (organized by our friends from Azalea Residences Baguio) has proven, it was that you can get around the city to see all the popular tourist spots for under Php 500. The challenge: we were given, 500 Pesos, one hour, and 11 clues we needed to decipher to find out our next destination from our starting point. From there, we have to complete selfie challenges by finding a specific landmark, item, or feature, and have a selfie with (or in!) them. An example of one of the challenges was when we were asked to take a selfie with the Igorots at the Baguio Botanical Garden, or a group selfie on the 150th step of the Lady of Lourdes Grotto. You win the contest when you get to the last destination fastest and finish all challenges.

For Php 500, we were able to visit the following Baguio destinations:

  • Burnham Park and Burnham Lake
  • Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto
  • The haunted Diplomat Hotel
  • The Cathedral of Baguio – also known as the Our Lady of Atonement Cathedral
  • Mines View Park
  • Wright Park (where you can find a pure pink pony, pink from mane to tail, the only one of its kind in Baguio)
  • Baguio Botanical Garden
  • Panagbenga Park
  • Sunshine Park
  • The Mansion

Pro-Tip: In some photo-op instances, you’ll be required to pay a small fee of Php 20-50. A photo with an Igorot woman at the Baguio Botanical Garden will cost Php 20 (for each Igorot woman in the photo). A small rental fee for a photo in an Igorot costume would cost you Php 20. A photo with the pure pink pony would cost Php 20-50 as well (depending on your haggling skills!) So make sure to ask around before going shutter-happy.

Bonus: In case you still have time, visit the Manor Hotel and their little bakery called Le Chef. They make delicious pastries, a great choice of  pasalubong for family and friends. :)

what to do in Baguio city activities destinations the manor

Outside The Manor Hotel in Baguio City

I hope my little list of things to do has provided you ideas on what adventure to embark on when in Baguio. In case you’re looking to go soon, I hope you have a blast in Baguio City!  the weather’s nice and chilly when you’re there.-HANA

Spreading the love for Baguio~ xoxo!

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