Zark’s Burgers: All-time Favorite Gourmet Burgers for Big Appetites

zarks burger la salle taft burgundy tower

Zark’s Ultimate Burger (Php 130) and Zark’s Black Mamba Burger (Php 125)

It’s fresh. It’s huge. It’s great.

Zark’s Burgers has been my long-time favorite burger joint, dating back to the days I’ve been living at a residential condo building along the busy streets of Taft. I couldn’t believe that anyone was still uninitiated to the burgers of Zark until the boyfriend told me he has yet to try it out (Where have you been cooped up all your life?). Since I was such a fan of their huge burgers, I couldn’t resist the temptation to bring him all the way to Taft to have a taste of Zark’s.

Location: The burger place is located along Taft, but they recently relocated from Archer’s Nook to Burgundy Transpacific Building (landmark: Metrobank). I haven’t been to Taft in a year or so, so I was surprised to discover that it’s not on the second floor of the Archer’s Nook anymore. The Burgundy Transpacific Building is a short walk from Vito Cruz, about five to ten minutes away. However, Zark’s Burger has been doing well in expanding their business to any accessible areas in the North, opening stores in Katipunan, as well as Eastwood Citywalk 2. It has also celebrated its newest branch opening at SM Fairview, so foodies from the north need not travel far down south.

Ambiance: It has always been filled with items to get any basketball fan excited, be it local or US basketball. What changed though was that since moving to a new place, the dining area has significantly expanded as well, allowing to accommodate more diners at a time. That doesn’t mean that you don’t have to wait for your turn to be seated, though. The place is swamped on weekends, and I can only imagine how it gets filled with hungry students from universities from the area during weekdays.

zarks burger la salle taft burgundy tower

The Zark’s Ultimate Burger (Php 125) – quarter pounder burger with sauteed mushroom and bacon and cheesy goodness on top.

Food: The boyfriend ordered the Zark’s Ultimate Burger, while I had my all-time fave, the Black Mamba. For Php 125-130, a plate of burger comes with a serving of thick-cut fries. An additional Php 25 gets you a glass of iced tea or lemonade. Serving time took long, understandably so because of the number of people that had come for their fill of gourmet burgers. The anticipation, and the trip, was well worth it. We were extremely happy with our burgers, especially dipped and dunked in Zark’s special barbecue rum sauce. Their barbecue rum sauce comes close to the taste of TGIFridays Jack Daniel’s burger sauce, and had us ordering a refill for our fries.

zarks burger la salle taft burgundy tower

Black Mamba Burger (Php 125) Cheeseburger packed with fresh veggies, sauteed mushrooms, and sweet caramelized onions. The barbecue rum sauce that comes with it is glorious.

Needless to say, the boyfriend’s first encounter with the burgers of Zark’s made him looking forward to his next. This will surely make our efforts to go on a diet more difficult than it already is! We’ll most probably stop by a branch closer to home any time in the next two weeks, so if you have any burger recommendations for me to try at Zark’s do let me know by sounding off in the comments section below!-HANA

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