Life Update: 2015 First Quarter Done!

The SAC Social Media Team during our March team activity

I haven’t been blogging and attending events actively as of late, but I try to keep the blog alive by writing about my food adventures and product trials during the time I’ve been away. Truth be told, new experiences are rare at this point in my life. I have been missing out on events, but incredibly preoccupied with tasks at work. I think for three months now, I’ve been running a marathon, and I haven’t had enough time to catch my breath. The race is long way from done, and I’m about to speed up and take things a little faster.

The team’s sad attempt at a meeting stock photo pose.

I’ve been tasked with the huge responsibility of leading the company’s social media team since late last year. Things were truly difficult at the start, but I’m slowly easing into the role, finding it more natural for me to take on the task, difficulties taking less and less effort to overcome. It’s a wonderful feeling to have finally found my niche, a career I love, and a job I can do tirelessly, without fail. I know I’ve found it because my passion for social and digital has no off-switch. I find myself constantly thinking of ways to improve our craft- mine and my team’s, even at the most inappropriate times (say, weekends? :)) Ideas don’t just come to me when I need them to, they come spontaneously, in hordes.

It definitely doesn’t hurt that I’m managing a great team comprised of great people, each with their own unique set of skills and abilities. Every day is fun-filled and full of laughter when I’m with these kids. I think my favorite thing about working with them is that they reek of passion, the same passion that fuels me to come to work and do my thing, day in, day out. Being surrounded by people that has the same energy as mine pushes me to strive to become better and set the bar higher. I have great faith in this team, and I’m sure that in a few months, there’ll be more of us.

Sadly, there’s nothing else to report. Maybe in the coming months, I’ll be able to do something new and different. Maybe in July, I’ll get to travel and discover new places. Who knows? -HANA

2 comments to Life Update: 2015 First Quarter Done!

  • Dindo  says:

    New and different like a kid on the way? :p

    • dollhana  says:

      Haha :)I might have put on weight but definitely not having kids (save for my team). Thanks for keeping tabs, though.

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