Disney Princesses Reimagined: A Look Into Their Korean Counterparts

korean disney princess wu na yang young

Snow White Korean version

Have you ever wondered what our favorite Disney Princesses would look like if they were made in Korea? Artist Wu Na Yang breathes new life to these beautiful Disney characters by reimagining them in Korean ensembles. The characters feature Korean standards of beauty such as pale, smooth skin, big, bright eyes, rosy lips, and a thin physique to match. The Hanboks have been intricately designed, with most part of the colors taken from the characters’ original designs.

korean disney princess wu na yang young

Queen Elsa from Frozen

korean disney princess wu na yang young

Ursula and Ariel from The Little Mermaid

Wu Na Yang’s rendition shows The Little Mermaid antagonist, Ursula, in a different light. In Wu’s rendition, Ursula is not as terrifying. She wears a purple and white Hanbok over her thinner physique, and has her eight tentacles revealed underneath her Chima.

korean disney princess wu na yang young

Alice and the Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland

So far, only nine designs have been released, including characters from The Frog Prince, Beauty and The Beast, and Little Red Riding Hood. Which ones did you like best?-HANA

What if our favorite Disney Princesses were Korean? Here’s a look into the girls in Hanboks as designed by talented Korean artist Wu Na Yang.

Posted by HANA on Saturday, April 18, 2015


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