Let Schwarzkopf Bring You Lovely Hair This Summer 2015

schwarzkopf fresh light hair color products philippines

Want to transform your hair this summer? Turn heads with the newest Schwarzkopf products to hit the shelves. Read on and find out more about the colorful offers from Schwarzkopf!

I always tell people that opting for a lighter-colored hair has been one of my best decisions yet. It completely turned my outlook and ultimately my life around. Who knew that hair coloring could be one of the world’s best kept secrets to happiness? This summer, do yourself a favor and do something different with your hair. Your hair should to make you shine brighter than anyone in the room. Luckily for us girls, Schwarzkopf has been in the business of delivering fantastic red-carpet and runway hairstyles to fill up your social calendar. The hair cosmetic brand represents quality, expertise, and innovation for more than 115 years, enjoying the full trust of consumers.

With the many Schwarzkopf products in the market, Fresh Light Crème and Fresh Light Foam color products are the ones to try. Fresh Light offers nothing but the best fashion colors from one of the world’s leaders in hair coloration, as well as the opportunity to improve your shade assortment so you can stand out even more  regardless of where you go. Fresh Light Crème comes in Clear Ash, Melty Mocha, and Champagne Pink, among others.  Fresh Light Foam, on the other hand, is offered in Berry Ash, Caramel Brown, Melty Cherry, and Lemon Blond.
schwarzkopf fresh light hair color products philippines

Schwarzkopf FreshLight Foam variants. Caramel and Lemon Blonde stand out from the rest of the other variants!

Fresh Light is embodied by a refreshingly cute character named Blythe, who was “born” in the USA in 1972. She has big, shining eyes and has become very popular because of her cute image and hippie style. Blythe is like most Japanese girls, who are very stylish and fashion-forward, which in turn imbues them with distinct looks. Using this fashionable trend as a launching pad, Fresh Light positions itself as a new brand that represents youth, fashion, and a dynamic personality.
I can’t wait to get my hands one of these Schwarzkopf Fresh Light coloring products and see the magic it will do for my hair. Be a head-turner in every party, gathering, or event with beautifully colored hair. Find Schwarzkopf products at leading supermarkets and department stores nationwide.-HANA

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  • Melo  says:

    Hello, where did you buy the foam? I tried looking in several watsons and pcx shops but it wasn’t there :(

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