[Review] The NEW KFC Crispy Fire Chicken aka the KFC Tabasco Chicken

KFC Crispy Fire Chicken tabasco philippines review

The new KFC Crispy Fire Chicken has garnered a lot of raves on the KFC Facebook page. Is it worth the rave? Read on to find out!

The news about KFC’s latest co-creation with spice giant Tabasco has gotten me excited and raring to go to the nearest KFC branch for a try at the new KFC Crispy Fire Chicken. The chicken, marinated with real Tabasco sauce, is accompanied by chicken rice and a serving of coleslaw. That is all the ad and Facebook posts reveal about the new spicy meal from KFC, but upon trying it out for myself, I learned that the meal included an automatically upsized serving of soft drinks (or juice), in anticipation of the spiciness to ensue. For foodies (like myself) who love the feeling of their tongues burning, the Crispy Fire Chicken rekindled our excitement and curiosity.

KFC Crispy Fire Chicken tabasco philippines review

KFC Crispy Fire Chicken meal (Php 125)

First impressions: The crispy chicken skin definitely brought satisfaction, but it wasn’t as spicy as I had expected. In fact, I find KFC’s (or even Jollibee’s!) spicy chicken even bringing in more spice and flavor. It was the kind of spiciness that gradually builds up over time, one bite after another, but failed to relieve my hunger for the perfect spicy chicken. I am also biased towards the Spicy chicken of KFC over the Crispy Fire Chicken, because the meat and skin are juicier compared to the Crispy Fire’s dry skin.

I did like that they paired the meal up with a serving of coleslaw that helped neutralize the sudden pangs of spiciness, and a large drink to boot! The chicken rice wasn’t exceptional and felt dry like the actual chicken.

KFC Crispy Fire Chicken tabasco philippines review

Overall, I don’t see myself opting to order this in the near future. There wasn’t anything spectacular about the chicken that I wouldn’t be able to find in their regular Hot chicken variant. I had high hopes for this, since Tabasco is a household name when it comes to hot sauce, but my expectations were not met. Is it worth trying? Definitely! Everyone else seems to be loving the new chicken variant. I would recommend you try it out and compare it with the KFC Hot Chicken variant, and discover for yourself if it really is a step up from their tried-and-tested recipe.-HANA

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