Have a Taste of the Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Craze from Ice Cream Laboratory (SM Hypermarket Pasig)

ice cream laboratory liquid nitrogen ice cream pasig city sm hypermarket

What’s the difference between regular ice cream and liquid nitrogen ice cream? Read on to find out!

Since I work and live near SM Hypermarket Pasig and I walk around the shopping mall on a daily basis, I could easily point out newcomers and unfamiliar food stalls or restaurants just calling out to be tried. One such stall that has piqued my interest was Ice Cream Laboratory, located near the mall entrance along C5. It stood out from nearby stalls since, aside from Papa Chalupa, it was the only food stall on that side of the shopping center. It was surrounded by nail salons, parlors, and medical and beauty clinics. A closer look at Ice Cream Lab’s store intrigued me and my friends even more, and it was then that we decided to give it a try and discover what sets Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream apart from the regular treat.

ice cream laboratory liquid nitrogen ice cream pasig city sm hypermarket

Ice Cream Laboratory’s stall setup mimicked that of a science laboratory, complete with flasks, beakers, test tubes, and lab equipments to boot! The stall attendants donned lab coats, and concocted one ice cream order after another with great skill that left us amazed. I leaned towards ordering the Red Velvet variant, but it was not available during the time of our visit. Instead, I went for Crunchy Cookies & Cream, and my friends went ahead and got themselves a Nutty Nutella and S’mores.

The marvel of watching these ladies create ice cream while pouring liquid nitrogen into the mix and creating a thin fog adds to the amazement we felt during the experience. It took them close to five minutes to get all our orders ready, but it was worth the short wait.

For those concerned about the safety of adding nitrogen into ice cream, science says that there really isn’t anything to worry about. Aside from the fact that it’s totally safe, the use of liquid nitrogen lets Ice Cream Lab and other liquid nitrogen-based ice cream stores do away with gums, emulsifiers, chemical additives, and stabilizers. The Liquid Nitrogen sets up the stage for creating perfectly creamy ice cream at -196 celsius, and once it gets the job done, it dissipates into the atmosphere, leaving you to enjoy smooth, creamy, and natural-tasting ice cream like no other.

ice cream laboratory liquid nitrogen ice cream pasig city sm hypermarket

From L-R: Crunchy Cookies & Cream, Nutty Nutella, and S’mores

The heart-shaped garnishing was a nice touch, and a very timely one in celebration of the season of hearts. One bite after another, we got to appreciate the difference of quality in terms of creaminess. It was, in fact, creamier than other variants, with ingredients all fresh and natural. For a little over Php 100, it’s a bit steep compared to other ice cream stores, but is worth it for the experience of watching a science experiment of sorts happen before your eyes. Of course, the reward of ice cream after the spectacular show is the point of it all. ;)

ice cream laboratory liquid nitrogen ice cream pasig city sm hypermarket

A closer look at Nutty Nutella and S’mores Ice Cream from Ice Cream Laboratory

As for the flavor, I have to try out the other variants as I only got a bite of three out of eight. Among the three flavors we had, I can say that my pick, the Crunchy Cookies & Cream, was my favorite among the bunch. I’m excited to have a taste of the other flavors and see how well the other flavors fare.-HANA

Learn more about Ice Cream Laboratory’s promos and other offers on Ice Cream Laboratory’s Facebook Page

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