For The Love of Curry: CoCo Ichibanya PH Brings New Curry Experience to Manila (Capitol Commons, Pasig City)

coco ichibanya ph curry house restaurant manila

CoCo Ichibanya – The “#1 Curry in the World!”

The top curry chain in Japan, and the largest curry restaurant chain in the world with over 1,400 stores worldwide finally makes it to the Philippines! CoCo Ichibanya opens its first PH store at the Basement 1 of the newly opened Estancia Mall at Capitol Commons, Pasig City. Curry lovers can scurry over to the curry house for their taste of CoCo Ichi’s world-famous curry plates!

coco ichibanya ph curry house restaurant manila

In my excitement to try out the new place, I decided to bring along with me the whole StraightArrow Social Media Team to enjoy the feast and bond over great curry. We went at around 3:30 in the afternoon and found the place deserted. Despite this, the staff welcomed us warmly and was very accommodating in assisting us first-timers.

coco ichibanya ph curry house restaurant manila

Creamed Chicken Omelet, Pork Cutlet Omelet, and Hashed Beef Omelet


Most of us opted for the Pork Cutlet Omelet Plate, while the others tried the Hashed Beef Omelet and Creamed Chicken Omelet Plate. While I cannot talk about the taste of the other two dishes that some of my teammates ordered, I can definitely say that all three were all very tempting! I was geared towards ordering the Pork Cutlet, or in other Japanese restaurants known as the Tonkatsu, because I am very familiar with how Tonkatsu Curry plates taste in other restaurants. Ordering the Pork Cutlet Omelet plate was in my best interest in order to gauge and compare the flavor that CoCo Ichi packs in its Tonkatsu dishes with similar offers from other curry stores.

coco ichibanya ph curry house restaurant manila

CoCo Ichibanya’s Pork Cutlet Omelet


The Pork Cutlets were served on top of the omurice as the rice and the thick pork cuts rest in the middle of the curry sauce-filled plate. Crispy, chunky, and flavorful, the pork cutlets were a great choice to go with the curry omu. My only complaint is that it was a bit hard to bite and chew, and the meat wasn’t also very easy to slice into smaller pieces. Aside from that, the curry omelet plates only come in their regular spiciness level. This means that you cannot request for them to amp up the spice level, and you will have to do with the chili powder made available on every table. We found that showering chili powder all over our curry plate gave the dish that extra kick that we’ve been waiting for since our first bite. Hence, if you’re ordering a curry omu plate, make sure to keep the chili powder shaker close to you, and add generous amounts of chili powder for that extra flavor. Even our friends who were not fond of spicy foods liked the dish so much better after adding chili powder.

The serving size was truly satisfying for the price. At around Php 360-Php 400 per plate, one dish will not fall short in getting you full, and your diet commitments are left to become but a distant memory. I found myself full only after eating 3/4 of the meal, and had to stop eating for a few minutes to prevent an unwanted episode of a stomachache.

coco ichibanya ph curry house restaurant manila

The StraightArrow Social Media Team pre-curry feast


Extra love for the wi-fi connection and the accommodating staff! My team had a lot of fun during our visit, and we look forward to coming back for our fill of CoCo Ichi’s other menu offerings.-HANA

PS: Have you dined at CoCo Ichibanya PH before? Is it the best curry house for you? Sound off in the Comments section below!

CoCo Ichibanya PH
Estancia Mall, Capitol Commons, 1600 Pasig
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