UNIQLO Launches its Ines de La Fressange 2015 Spring-Summer Collection

uniqlo ines de la fressange spring summer philippines 2015

Effortless fashion, enhancing beauty and comfort: Ines de La Fressange’s new Spring Summer collection exudes elegance in simplicity.


Here’s awesome news for fans of UNIQLO: UNIQLO today announces the worldwide launch of a special 2015 Spring, Summer collection created with Ines de La Fressange. UNIQLO Design Director Naoki Takizawa worked with Ines to merge her passion for the UNIQLO LifeWear concept with her style-inspired by refined feminine beauty and authentic quality. This is the third collaborative collection with Ines, comprising a total of 95 items in a wider range of fabrics (availability may vary by store).

The collection debuts in two stages. The first, for the Spring, recently launched, at UNIQLO flagship and large stores. New to the line is the natural caramel color common to southern France, dresses in vintage floral prints, and indigo shirts. The sophisticated styling includes new coordination approaches for classic sportswear, and updates to the garment-dyed nylon jacket and coats that proved so popular last year.

uniqlo ines de la fressange spring summer philippines 2015

The second stage, for the Summer, are available at all UNIQLO stores from late February, featuring items that reflect the mystique of Morocco’s Marrakech and capture the spirit of a vacation by the Mediterranean Sea. The range newly includes vanilla and limestone gray hues, for vivid natural contrasts in the dazzling sunshine.

The Ines de La Fressange collection is designed to enhance feminine beauty, while effortlessly comfortable. Reprising the popular Soutien Collar Coat, final garment dyeing enhances softness and texture. The Floral Print Dress incorporates an elastic waistband, without a gathered front, to emphasize the silhouette. Shade contrasts in the pattern underscore the vintage appearance.

Ines de la Fressange said, “Fashion has to be fun. I learned from the world of high fashion that you can express elegance without owning many items. This collection is very easy to wear, match, and is layered to fit all women around the world. Fashion is one of life’s joys. Let’s enjoy it together! This is a really exciting collection. It’s easy to wear and offers everyday fun in fashion. These are the kinds of clothes I’ve longed for myself, and I couldn’t wait to wear them!”

uniqlo ines de la fressange spring summer philippines 2015

Design Director Naoki Takizawa said, “In our work together, Ines and I always start by asking what kinds of clothing we should recommend to customers this season. We feel like chefs eagerly preparing the best in seasonal fare for their diners. We materialized our shared vision in a collection that we can recommend with confidence.”

“We wanted to create clothing that embraces fabric textures, colors and details, and Parisian wit. At the same time, we wanted to subtly bring out the personality of the person wearing the clothes, rather than overwhelm them. We also wanted to brighten a woman’s days, with clothing that naturally interacts with them.”

I loved the dainty summer dress in the last photo! It’s a go-to dress for any humid day, but doesn’t compromise aesthetics for comfort. Pair the flattering dress with a summer hat and you’re good to go! This exciting new collection will hit select UNIQLO stores very soon! Make sure to check out their website to have a preview of the collection before it becomes available in stores nationwide.

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