The KFC’s Double Down Dog Will Slash Off a Few Years from your Life Expectancy

kfc double down dog philippines

The new KFC Double Down Dog. Warning: Barely edible on its own.

Despite our mutual feelings for KFC’s Classic Double Down (which aren’t good feelings at all), we were feeling adventurous one night and decided to had a try of the new Double Down Dog. KFC’s Double Down Dog features a Tender Juicy Hotdog Chicken Cheese Dog sandwiched between a thick KFC fillet in the shape of a taco and lathered with mayo on top. We heard how some KFC customers would line up for the D3, yet find themselves turned away because the  Double Down Dog was only sold in limited quantities every day. It’s noteworthy that despite the dismay of many netizens from all over the world with the KFC item, it still gets sold out. Luckily, it was available for delivery, so we just had to wait for a couple of minutes at the comforts of our home to try the notorious dog.

kfc double down dog philippines

The Double Down Dog failed to meet expectations, and easily looked like it was not worth Php 120 at all. I attacked the dish with optimism, hoping that the taste would be where its redemption lies. Unfortunately, I could hardly finish a quarter of it without getting overwhelmed by the saltiness of it all. The chicken fillet did not compliment the flavor, and frankly, the only thing I likes was the sour taste of the pickled mayo.

KFC double down dog philippines

Warning: Just looking at the KFC Double Down Dog might cause abnormal elevations in your blood pressure.

Everything felt a little dry and hard to swallow. Sandwiching it in between two slices of bread helped make it more tolerable, but still not something I’d pay Php 120 for. Maybe if they decided to throw in a cup of rice with it, it might become somewhat edible, with the rice masking the unforgiving saltiness of the chicken cheese dog and chicken fillet combo.

For anyone who has a death wish, this might be your ticket to successfully throwing away a few years from your life expectancy. It isn’t worth the calories, nor the cost. As a final verdict, the KFC Double Down is worth a try. Challenge yourself to finish the whole thing, if you dare.-HANA

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  • Yamito  says:

    hehehe… It’s not that bad, but that’s coming from someone who literally almost eats everything :) but I definitely agree that it would be great with rice :)

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