Fisher Farms’ Ready-to-Cook Gourmet Dishes: A Must-Have for Every Household

Fisher Farms Gourmet and easy-to-cook dishes allow for guilt-free dining without the hassle.

There are two dilemmas that I face as a little girl with an insatiable appetite for all things delicious: one, I get fat when I eat too much (well, that’s what happens when you eat, nothing surprising about that); and two, I cannot prepare a meal from scratch to save my life. I just don’t have the time and patience (and more importantly the skill) to cook and manage to not burn down my house at the same time. So when I found out about Fisher Farms Gourmet Selection of Seafood dishes, I just had to stock up on these. They solve both my perpetually hungry girl problems, and I get to enjoy good food without breaking the bank.

Fisher Farms’ bestselling products include the Rellenong Bangus, the Bangus Lemon Butter, Fish Nuggets, and Fish Hungarian Sausage, among many others in the market. I’m not a huge fan of fish because of the bones, but the variety of gourmet fish products that Fisher Farms had come up with has made me a convert out of me. With the knowledge that Fisher Farms grows their milkfish in the pristine and clear Pangasinan waters and fed with only high-protein feeds, I’m assured that I’m getting served a more flavorful fish that’s worth every cent.

The convenience of having ready-to-cook gourmet meals such as these has won Fisher Farms a vote of confidence from celebrities and personalities Regine Tolentino and Marina Benipayo. Regine says, “I just have to take it out from the freezer and heat it, and my family has a delicious and healthy meal.  Given the kind of busy schedule I have every day, which leaves me with no time to cook or make relleno from scratch, the Gourmet Baked Rellenong Bangus is like an answered prayer for me.” The fact that the product is baked and not fried also makes it easy to gobble up and enjoy minus the guilt.

Fisher Farms’ Fish Hungarian Sausage and Garlic Fish Longaniza

Aside from the Rellenong Bangus, I’ve cooked up my stocks of Fisher Farms’ Fish Hungarian Sausage and Bangus Lemon Butter. The Fish Hungarian Sausage was extremely, but not over-the-top, flavorful with subtle hints of spiciness. It’s a perfect choice for any meal, any time of the day. On the other hand, the Bangus Lemon Butter set the bar high for ready-to-cook gourmet meals. For something that takes as easy as popping the item in a microwave and waiting for a few minutes to heat, the Bangus Lemon Butter wins with its fresh taste and tasty sauce. The Bangus Lemon Butter can serve two to four people, and is well worth the price.

Breakfast: Fish Hungarian Sausage and Eggs with Monggo and Bread. Cap with coffee to start the day perfectly.

Make sure to keep stock of any of these delicious Fisher Farm gourmet offerings for some satisfying meal time sans the guilt and the time-consuming hassle of cooking. I can’t wait to experiment with them and add my own twist to these healthy concoctions.-HANA

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