Ramen-lovin’ at Teriyaki Boy (3F Megamall Atrium, SM Megamall)

An inexpensive fix for a huge appetite? Years of dining experience under my belt (which can literally be proven by the layers of baby fat fighting for their place around my waist) has given me the insight that the best dish to eat to get full quickly is one that has soup in it. A popular choice would be ramen, most especially for Japanese cuisine fans, and in Manila, there is no shortage of Japanese restaurants. With the popularity of ramen in the previous years came the boom of ramen specialty restaurants, including my top fave, Ramen Nagi. However, when on the lookout for a ramen that won’t hurt your wallet, head over to Teriyaki Boy for your warm fill of Japanese noodles under Php 200.

Our choice of ramen: Miso Ramen and Teriyaki Boy Chicken Ramen

Served in huge black ceramic bowls and half-filled with the tasty combination of soup, noodles, and topping, Teriyaki Boy’s ramen did the job of getting us full (with very little space left for dessert!) For under Php 200 (Miso Ramen for Php 199 and Teriyaki Boy Chicken Ramen for Php 183) the ramen dishes are half the price of ramen from their more pricier ramen restaurant counterparts.

Teriyaki Boy Chicken Ramen (Php 183)

The Teriyaki Boy Chicken Ramen for Php 183 was the better ramen choice between the two, with its sweet soup and tender chicken slices to keep the appetite up until the last drop. The noodles are akin to instant noodles, so don’t get your hopes up too much for this one.

Miso Ramen (Php 199)

The Miso Ramen, more expensive between the two, was surprisingly more disappointing with its saltier soup base. It tasted very differently from the usual miso flavor, which could be attributed to the combination of ingredients. Its saving grace lies in the generous serving of vegetables and shiitake mushroom slices, one that I warmly welcomed. Suffice it to say that I was unable to consume the soup because of its overwhelming flavor.

There are other ramen variants to try at Teriyaki Boy, so there’s plenty more of opportunities to find better reasons to love Teriyaki Boy’s inexpensive ramen offerings. If you have any ramen recommendations, do let me know in the Comments Section below! I always love hearing from guests and blog readers! :) -HANA


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