Review: Aqua Mineral’s Clarity Peeling Gel

aqua mineral clarity peeling gel dead sea products

Aqua Mineral’s Clarity Peeling Gel has received enough raves from bloggers and netizens alike to pique my curiosity. Read on for my verdict.

I’ve been a big fan of Aqua Mineral and their products simply because the Aqua Mineral products I’ve used have worked for me. Both the Mineral Soap and the Mud Soap have worked hand in hand in keeping my skin clean and smooth, but they’re both at the bottom end of the range. There are other more expensive variants that promise better results for the skin and face. One of which is the Clarity Peeling Gel, regularly priced at Php 6000+, but I was able to get it during their promo period for half the price. According to the Aqua Mineral website, here’s what it does:

aqua mineral clarity peeling gel dead sea products

Aqua Mineral’s Clarity Peeling Gel


For all skin types Created to clarify a dull, clogged complexion, Aqua Mineral Clarity Peeling Gel absorbs and removes grime and dead skin cells. Its natural exfoliating action refines and tightens pores. Enriched with soothing Aloe Vera and Chamomile Extract, wonder-working Dead Sea Minerals, Dunaliella Algae and nourishing Vitamin E, it also contains restorative Grape Seed Oil and Papaya Extracts that condition your complexion and leave it velvety smooth, radiant and even-toned.

For Php 6000 at once a week recommended use, this product could last for six months up to a year! Aside from that, you only need a spoonful of the product in order to achieve results.

aqua mineral clarity peeling gel dead sea products

Uncapped: Aqua Mineral’s Clarity Peeling Gel

Apply to face. For a peeling effect, gently massage skin for one minute using circular movements. Rinse thoroughly, then pat dry.

Massaging the gel onto the surface of the skin can prove a bit difficult with the consistency of the gel and the amount of fallout from the rubbing and massaging action. Just do your best to rub off the dead skin cells from the surface for best effect.

Many others have sworn by the Clarity Peeling Gel, and I have become a true believer in the product as well. I love the subtle and exquisite smell it leaves on the skin even after rinsing. It also leaves the skin soft and smooth with a radiant finish. It also did not cause me any skin irritations, redness, itchiness, or peeling after one use.

I have yet to use Aqua Mineral’s Clarity Peeling Gel for a course of at least three months before giving my final verdict. However, with the amount of confidence others have put into the product, I have high hopes that I will be happy with the results with my regular use. How about you? What’s your favorite Aqua Mineral product?-HANA

aqua mineral clarity peeling gel dead sea products

6 comments to Review: Aqua Mineral’s Clarity Peeling Gel

  • Mary Joy  says:

    I once tried the instant whitening aqua mineral soap. I love it. It whitens my skin instantly.

    • dollhana  says:

      I haven’t tried their instant whitening soap, but I’ll make sure to look for it the next time I drop by an Aqua Mineral stall!

  • marie  says:

    hi, i just purchased the aqua mineral mud soap (consider it gift to myself hehe) after reading your blog i am expecting a lot from it

  • kaffie  says:

    Hi ive tried the aqua mineral clarity peeling gel..i cannot remove it from my face..around the jaw bone area..i dont have a lot of facial hair. .very red and sensitive. .i will not be recommending this product

    • dollhana  says:

      Thanks for sharing your experience with me, Kaffie! A gentle reminder for everyone who plans to use the product, make sure to do your research and testing as it may not suit all skin types. :)

      • Vilma V.Cruz  says:

        hi me too when i try your facial my face get red, i deposit money for this product how can i refund?

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