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Worth the Wait: Tim Ho Wan’s Baked Buns and More

On today’s blog, discover what makes people flock to Tim Ho Wan restaurants and endure the crazy lines! Read on to find out.

The opening of Tim Ho Wan in Manila in May 2014 was met with great enthusiasm by many Filipino diners. In fact, Filipinos were so enthusiastic for the brand that the looooong line of people waiting to be seated never failed to catch the attention of shoppers at SM Megamall, where the restaurant opened their first store...

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Review: Aqua Mineral’s Clarity Peeling Gel

aqua mineral clarity peeling gel dead sea products

Aqua Mineral’s Clarity Peeling Gel has received enough raves from bloggers and netizens alike to pique my curiosity. Read on for my verdict.

I’ve been a big fan of Aqua Mineral and their products simply because the Aqua Mineral products I’ve used have worked for me. Both the Mineral Soap and the Mud Soap have worked hand in hand in keeping my skin clean and smooth, but they’re both at the bottom end of the range...

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Peri-Peri Charcoal Chicken at SM Megamall (Ortigas, Mandaluyong City)

peri-peri chicken sm megamall

Chicken Haven: Peri Peri Charcoal Chicken at SM Megamall

“We love chicken” is an understatement.

We especially like to nom on our chickens during extra difficult days, with work weighing us down, or on days when we deserve to reward ourselves with the delightful dish that is chicken. There was even one shitty day when we downed one whole chicken… by ourselves… with a bottle of Mang Tomas… at a food court.

Such is the case of this chicken-lovin pair, that during the last working day for the seco...

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Ramen-lovin’ at Teriyaki Boy (3F Megamall Atrium, SM Megamall)

An inexpensive fix for a huge appetite? Years of dining experience under my belt (which can literally be proven by the layers of baby fat fighting for their place around my waist) has given me the insight that the best dish to eat to get full quickly is one that has soup in it. A popular choice would be ramen, most especially for Japanese cuisine fans, and in Manila, there is no shortage of Japanese restaurants...

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Dare Your Mind to Create with DMC’s Handcrafted Craft Fair

Who hasn’t heard of DMC threads? Their threads and yarns were especially popular back in the 90s when everyone had their hands busy with cross-stitching and other craft projects. Nowadays, however, craft-making has become more rare, with other activities keeping us preoccupied and busy. This is why DMC has created an initiative called the DMC Handcrafted, a craft fair with the main objective of bringing back the interest and joy in crafting and creating.

The DMC Handcrafted craft fair is set t...

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My 2014 in Photos

Last 2014 selfie. Welcoming 2015!

At the end of every year, I make it a point to evaluate the year that was and see what new things I have accomplished for myself. In that moment, I find that despite all the strikingly painful moments that I won’t be able to erase from my year’s highlights, there were also equally beautiful moments to be thankful for...

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