#StyleKoAyosDito Fashion Show Reinvents Local Fashion

#StyleKoAyosDito celebrates fashion with an impressive collection of preloved pieces featured in one fashion show to remember.

Hand it to Filipino ingenuity to make use of pre-owned items and repurpose like it has never been used before. AyosDito.ph recently put together a fashion show featuring top local fashion bloggers Camille Co, Patricia Prieto, and David Guison. The bloggers were to buy pre-owned items from the online selling website and create ensembles for the fashion show. The bloggers got a little help with styling from their friends and sellers they networked with on AyosDito.ph. Here’s how the first ever fashion show featuring preloved items ensued:

#TeamPatricia: Patricia Prieto with her team of sellers pose for the cameras at the end of their turn.

Patricia’s collection appealed to the boho-chic. The collection she formed with her dynamic team included mostly ensembles you’d probably put together for the Coachella or for a music festival.

#TeamDavid: David Guison does the DG pose together with host Ramon Bautista, and the rest of DG’s fun-loving team of stylist friends.

#TeamCamille: For Team Camille, it’s all about layers.

Social media and fashion enthusiasts monitored the campaign online and showed their support with social shares. The decision that the judges had to make was tough, having to choose from strong and well-planned collections which definitely reflected how competitive these top fashion bloggers got to win this contest. More importantly, all three bloggers expressed their surprise that it was relatively easy-to-find fashionable pieces using the online selling website. Some they even got cheaper than they were expecting, and other pieces were in topnotch shape.

#TeamCamille emerges victorious in the first ever #StyleKoAyosDito fashion challenge.

While all three teams did spectacularly well under the conditions set by the organizers, Team Camille’s versatility in styling with a wider range of pieces won the hearts of the judges and made her deserving to win the first #StyleKoAyosDito fashion challenge. From the grueling weeks of preparation up to the conclusion of the challenge, the key takeaway from the Style Ko, AyosDito fashion challenge is that there are opportunities to be found (for your wardrobe upgrade or otherwise) in what others are willing to let go. With that, happy shopping!-HANA

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