Sweet Dreams Do Come True at Kitchen Diaries Cafe (Kapitolyo, Pasig City)

kitchen diaries cafe kapitolyo pasig city

At Kitchen Diaries Cafe, Kapitolyo, Pasig City

Kitchen Diaries Cafe is the start of the fulfillment of partners (both in business and in life) Anj and Louie’s sweet dreams. What started from a hobby for Anj turned out to be bigger not just for the two of them, but also for the whole staff of Kitchen Diaries Cafe. Anj shares that she has been dabbling into the baking hobby on and off for three years now, and has initially been offering her specialties to family and close friends. As more people got to learn of her baked goods, the idea of opening shop finally became more feasible to Louie and Anj. Anj took care of the recipes and explored breakfast dishes, while Louie learned how to whip up great coffee. Together, they are a dynamic duo making their dream, and the dreams of  people with the same passion for great food and coffee, a reality.

kitchen diaries cafe kapitolyo pasig city

The interiors of Kitchen Diaries’ Cafe

The team behind Kitchen Diaries Cafe transformed their tiny space in Kapitolyo, Pasig City into a cozy and dainty cafe. Pastel hues and written words gave color and meaning to the walls that housed the coffee shop. Floral centerpieces adorned every table, and the friendly demeanor of the staff made guests feel at home in a snap. Come as you are, or dress up for the occasion when you come to visit the place. It’s a wonderful place to take photos not just of the food, but of you with your closest friends enjoying a memorable meal.

kitchen diaries cafe kapitolyo pasig city

Buffalo Wings with Nachos Supreme (Php 170)

One of their bestselling appetizers, the Buffalo Wings with Nachos Supreme, easily became a crowd favorite. With the savory spicy sauce covering the tender buffalo wings, and a heaping serving of their cheesy nachos with salsa, the Buffalo Wings and Nachos Supreme is a great appetizer choice for two.

kitchen diaries cafe kapitolyo pasig city

Toasted Angus Corned Beef (Php 120) + Sticky Pork Chop (Php 130)

Another thing to look forward to at Kitchen Diaries Cafe is their All-Day Breakfast Offer which starts at Php 120. All their breakfast dishes are inclusive of your choice of viand, one English Scrambled Egg, a satisfying serving of bacon rice, and a glass of iced tea. Their bestseller in the breakfast category is the Toasted Angus Corned Beef, which offers a unique dining experience for everyone. The Toasted Angus Corned Beef has a crispy texture, and despite its appearance can be very tasty. Surprisingly, a spicy flavor kicks in a few seconds after you’ve absorbed much of the initial flavor of the deconstructed corned beef. On the other hand, the Sticky Pork Chop is a sweet treat, one that kids would surely love. It doesn’t hurt that their buttered corn goes well with the serving of steaming plain rice.

kitchen diaries cafe kapitolyo pasig city

Nutella Ferrero (Php 150) and Oreo Frap (Php 130)

kitchen diaries cafe kapitolyo pasig city

No-Bake Blueberry Cheesecake

After immensely enjoying the rice meals, we excitedly jumped into our favorite part of the meal– desserts! There is no shortage of sweets in the company of Kitchen Diaries Cafe. In fact, at some point, we found ourselves surrendering and unable to take another spoonful of desserts, no matter how delicious they are, because of food coma. However, some noteworthy dessert items included the No-Bake Blueberry Cheesecake, which proved to be just as wonderful as its baked counterpart, as well as the Banoffee Chocnut Cake. The Banoffee Chocnut Cake is one you should include in your must try list during your visit to KiD Cafe. The inclusion of the fine chocnut pieces into the crunchy graham crust makes for an unforgettable dessert experience, one you’d be sure to share with your friends and loved ones!

kitchen diaries cafe kapitolyo pasig city

Banoffee Chocnut Cake

The drinks, however, need to be developed to have a more distinct flavor from each other. They were tasty, but not quite as extraordinary and memorable as the other treats!

kitchen diaries cafe kapitolyo pasig city

The passionate team behind Kitchen Diaries Cafe

More than just being a neighborhood cafe, KiD Cafe (as lovingly referred to by its patrons) now stands as a symbol of hope and inspiration for the people who have toiled to make it what it is today. It opens its doors to us, offering not only lip-smackin great breakfast meals and drinks, but also a heaping dose of positivity and hope. KiD Cafe is proof that you can live your dreams as long as you have passion and persistence. This makes KiD Cafe not only worth visiting because of their food, but also their sweet stories of love and success.-HANA

Kitchen Diaries Cafe
Unit 1E, 1st Street, Kapitolyo, Pasig
Contact them at 0932 880 2589
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