Dommie’s Day Out at Whole Pet Kitchen: Pet Deli and Barkery (Wilson St., San Juan City)

whole pet kitchen dog cafe san juan wilson dog treats barkery

Raring to bring your dogs out for a treat? Come swing by the Whole Pet Kitchen at San Juan and let your dogs enjoy pastries and all-natural dishes safe for pets!

I rarely bring out my toy poodle outside the house (I’m a paranoid pet mom like that >__<;;;) so when we brought him to the groomers a few weeks back, we decided to take the opportunity and bring him to the popular dog cafe a few minutes drive away from Tiendesitas. The Whole Pet Kitchen Pet Deli and Bark-ery has gained popularity not only for being one of the first dog cafes in the metro, but also for being the first Natural Pet Bakery in the Philippines.

whole pet kitchen dog cafe san juan wilson dog treats barkery

Muffins, biscuits, and other special treats are available for your dogs’ dining pleasure at Whole Pet Kitchen

The pet deli can customize cakes to your liking and can cook up a special treat for every dog. Backed up by a great R&D team in creating and whipping up creations for pets allows Whole Pet Kitchen to cater to even pets with special needs. Of course, pet lovers get to enjoy dining and hanging out at the bark-ery, too!

whole pet kitchen dog cafe san juan wilson dog treats barkery

Left: Dommie smiles for the camera; Right: Daddy reads the menu to Dommie

The serving size of the pet dishes are good for one small dog, and the price starts at Php 70. However, the pastries are more expensive than the pet dishes, with prices starting at PHp 180. We got Dommie a Jack’s Lasagna, a pawsta dish made especially for pooches and named after Whole Pet Kitchen’s resident golden retriever, Jack the GR. For the hoomans, we got a Lalalasagna and The Cheesy Pig Woofle.

whole pet kitchen dog cafe san juan wilson dog treats barkery


I sliced the lasagna into smaller bite-sized pieces for Dommie and let it cool down a bit before serving it to him. He seemed to like it, but was unable to finish his meal because he was shaking in fear of the bigger dogs in the cafe. It was his first time to meet other dogs, and during our visit, there were about six other dogs in the cafe.

whole pet kitchen dog cafe san juan wilson dog treats barkery

He was so afraid of the other dogs that we had to pick him up and put him on the table where the other dogs won’t reach him. He was able to eat better after that, but we could tell he was exhausted from the stress of meeting more ferocious mutts. Haha!

whole pet kitchen dog cafe san juan wilson dog treats barkery

House Rules

whole pet kitchen dog cafe san juan wilson dog treats barkery

Our Cheesy Pig Woofle and Lalalasagna

Food for the humans weren’t spectacular. The cheesy portions of the Cheesy Pig Woofle were really good, but the bacon was extra salty to the taste. The Lalalasagna was meaty and creamy, but was too ordinary-tasting to be priced at Php 258. However, their milkshakes priced at Php 150 were pretty refreshing and enjoyable.

My favorite takeaway from our first visit at the Whole Pet Kitchen was the wonderful atmosphere for pets and pet lovers alike. It was a place where pet lovers can commune and interact like old friends because of their love for pets. It was as if everyone knew each other, and had a genuine concern and interest for each other’s pets. The staff was very warm and friendly as well. When dogs would accidentally poo or pee inside the shop, they were quick to help out and assist in cleaning up the mess, and didn’t made the owners feel bad for their pets’ behavior. Even after we have settled our bill and stepped out to grab a cab, the staff still provided assistance in getting us a ride home.

The Whole Pet Kitchen: Pet Deli and Bark-ery is a great place to bring your pets for a day out, where you and your pets can share an enjoyable meal together. I can already imagine coming back here with Dommie during his next grooming session, and his upcoming first (or seventh?) birthday in April, or maybe coming here by myself to get Dommie a take-home treat, like a set of their pupcakes or muffins. If you’re looking to spoil your pets with delicious creations that are preservative- and additive-free, the Whole Pet Kitchen is a great source for pooch’s next favorite treat.-HANA

35 comments to Dommie’s Day Out at Whole Pet Kitchen: Pet Deli and Barkery (Wilson St., San Juan City)

  • Ace Paragoyo  says:

    This is good for people that have a pet, they can bring their pet to feed and they also have food for the pet owner. I will share this post to my friends. :)

    • dollhana  says:

      Appreciate the share, Ace! Thanks for dropping by.

  • Maureen  says:

    So adorable! I don’t think we have one in Jakarta just yet (or maybe we do lol).

    • dollhana  says:

      Let me know if ever you find one, so that I can bring my dog there in case he’s travelling with me :)

  • Fernando Lachica  says:

    So very interesting to watch people carrying their pets. Right now, I don’t have one but my friend promised to give me one.

    • dollhana  says:

      Hope you get your pet soon! Raising pets is very rewarding.

  • Gelleesh  says:

    Aww… This made me miss my English Bully, Bruno, who died two years ago :( Would have loved to visit this place with him; but I guess I can still go here just to see all those doggies mingling and socializing and for photo ops! Hehe :)

    • dollhana  says:

      Sorry to hear about your dog, Gellie. Also look into Barkin’ Blends in Katipunan. They have a dog cafe with their cutest resident dogs!

  • Rhea Bue  says:

    OMG!! This is the cutest place ever!!!! :) I like their idea of allowing pets inside the resto. It’s super cuutee :) Will definitely visit that place when I get to have my own dog someday ;)

    • dollhana  says:

      I’m sure you’ll have fun taking photos in the cafe, Rhea. :)

  • Robi  says:

    Your pet is really cute! I could imagine how Dommie felt the stress of meeting inferior dogs for the first time. However, this shall overcome second or third time, perhaps? This post makes me remember my pet way back home…

    • dollhana  says:

      Hopefully he’ll overcome his fear of bigger dogs when I start introducing him to friendlier ones. :) What’s your dog like, Robi?

  • Franc Ramon  says:

    I guess pets would really be pampered here though they should improve the Menu for humans. It’s nice to see places for pets are opening which shows how we love our pets.

    • dollhana  says:

      Pets are like the new kids! I’m really stoked about the boom in pet-friendly places, since I am such an excitable pet mom and would love to spoil my baby :)

  • Fred  says:

    I just hope the waiters do not mix up the petfood and the human food. Should not go there on a busy day, hehe.

    • dollhana  says:

      Haha! I never thought of that before, but they have to be alert because there are lots of ingredients in human food that are not safe for the consumption of dogs.

  • ROBERT LEE  says:

    Hey! This is so cool! I have seen pero outside and never saw what it is inside. Thanks for the post and the photos! And by the way, that is a cute dog.

    • dollhana  says:

      Thanks, Robert! If you have a pet, I think you’ll have an enjoyable time with him/her here!

  • Sin Yee  says:

    Awww… what a lovely pet cafe! I saw a similar concept pet cafe at my place too. They accept custom made package for pet bday celebration.

    • dollhana  says:

      Nice! What’s the name of the pet cafe at your place?

  • Kylie  says:

    A great place for ppl whom going out with their pets!~ Nice cafe!~

  • Elana Khong  says:

    This cafe look awesome. Think they should separate dog size by section. I know how some big sized dog can look pretty mean.

  • TweenselMom  says:

    Looks like an interesting place to go to with my shih tzu, what I wonder about is the smell of the place and hygiene. They should make it smelling good and allergen free.

  • MollyMia  says:

    your pup is so adorable! you should bring him out more to socialise! a poorly socialised dog can end up being quite a problem!

  • Sumi Go | The Purple Doll  says:

    Aww.. Poor Dommie.. I’m sure he’ll learn to be comfortable with other dogs in time. :) Anyway, been wanting to bring some of our dogs here too, but I’m afraid the long travel might stress them. Plus, they’re too energetic and excitable so they might be hard to control. Haha! Maybe will just buy our dogs some treats from Whole Pet Kitchen when I’m in the area. :)

  • Kelly Chin  says:

    this cafe is so cool, will bring my pet there

  • lee ros  says:

    i will definitely hare this to my college barkadas who has lots of pet dogs.

    • dollhana  says:

      Thanks, and hope you can drop by with your pet as well!

  • phyliciamarie  says:

    Dommie is really really super cute!!! I’m sure he’ll get used to seeing more dogs next time, so he won’t be trembling in fear anymore. For the food, too bad the food for humans isn’t that good.

    • dollhana  says:

      It’s not bad, but it wasn’t exceptional either :(

  • Loudthinkin  says:

    Awesome!A place where you can take your furry darlings and pamper them!!!

  • Sol Razo  says:

    Cute! Sad, we can’t have any pet in the house since we have allergies.

    • dollhana  says:

      Ack! Didn’t know you were allergic to pets :<

  • Eri  says:

    So adorable !!! I am glad that such places exist! They are so different than the rest !

    • dollhana  says:

      Truly! It’s wonderful to find a place that caters to our cute little ones :D

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