Nicaraguan and Tex-Mex Fare at Cocina Juan (Maginhawa St., Quezon City)

cocina juan maginhawa teachers village sikatuna village quezon city nicaragua tex mex

Cocina Juan captivates the foodie crowd with their savory and affordable Latin American and Tex-Mex dishes.

In contrast to the other Maginhawa restaurants I have featured before this, Cocina Juan has been around for more than five years now, and is a popular destination for many people who loves their fill of Tex-Mex cuisine. After many years, it still stays true to its nature of being a hole-in-the-wall establishment. Stepping in the tiny restaurant, you will find the culture evident in the influences and inspiration behind the now established restaurant. Paintings, sculptures, and other decors (suprisingly not all Latin American in nature) reflect the owners’ love for culture and painting, and it would be easy to surmise that this has strongly influenced the way they have put up and ran their business.

cocina juan maginhawa teachers village sikatuna village quezon city nicaragua tex mex

Nachos Supremo Todo (Php 249)

Shortly after we have taken our seats inside the restaurant, we were served a long platter full of nachos with literally everything on top. The colorful nature of the dish invited us to dig in, and with complete satisfaction we scooped huge chunks of meat and grated cheese with the chips soaked in sauce. The serving size was big enough for four people, and the tasty mix of ground pork and grated cheese is a great choice to whet the appetite.

cocina juan maginhawa teachers village sikatuna village quezon city nicaragua tex mex

Chicken Burritos Grande (Php 199), Quesadilla Carne (Php 219), Quesadilla Con Tomate (Php 189)

They also had two quesadilla variants, the Quesadilla Con Tomate and Quesadilla Carne. If you prefer your quesadillas cheesy and plain, go for the Quesadilla con Tomate which is stuffed with just diced tomatoes and cheese inside the folded pan-toasted tortilla. On the other hand, if you want meat all the way, grab a Quesadilla Carne, with your choice of pork, beef, or chicken.

The work that goes into the plating is also noteworthy, and something most restaurants neglect. It was good to know that despite their hole-in-the-wall nature, the establishment gives special attention to the whole dining experience, a challenge to many restaurants of the same or higher caliber to step up their game.

Worth mentioning as well are their Dinamitas and the Churasco Fiesta Platter. The Churasco Fiesta Platter is a huge plateful of meat choices, great for groups of four. The galla pinto rice, however, would not be enough for four people, so make sure to order another serving of rice to go along with the Churasco Fiesta Platter.

After your meal, head over to their cupcake shop called Gremlins, occupying the space just beside Cocina Juan. They have a wide range of flavors to choose from. Their tasty treats are a great way to cap off a satisfying meal.-HANA

No time to drop by Maginhawa? Everything on Cocina Juan’s menu is available for order from the Food Panda app. Simply download the mobile app using your smartphone or tablet and place your orders via Food Panda. Let these wonderful range of Nicaraguan dishes travel to your doorstep with just a few clicks, thanks to Food Panda PH.

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