Hearty All-Day Breakfasts at Katz Diner (Sikatuna Village, Quezon City)

katz diner maginhawa sikatuna village breakfast

Grilled Pork Steak (Php 260) at Katz Diner (Sikatuna Village, Quezon City)

Among the many food establishments in Maginhawa is Katz Diner, a recently opened family diner specializing on ribs and all-day breakfasts. Modest in appearance, the place is encountered by many foodies when in search of an establishment catering to the breakfast-loving population. Their specialties include grilled BBQ ribs, bacon chicken steak, and sizzling roast beef, all of which can be partnered with their crowd-favorite teas and Yakult drinks.

Despite the limited space they have to work with, Katz Diner transformed the place into a cozy and warm establishment where people, especially students, can hang out. Inside, the place can seat around fifteen people, and six more can be accommodated at the patio. A quick scan of their menu will reveal that there is little chance of ever running out of dishes to choose from. They offer appetizers and salads, to burgers, sandwiches, and pastas, and an appetizing plethora of entrees and all-day breakfasts. While limited in their choices of coffee (they only offer brewed coffee at the moment), their tea- and Yakult-based drinks seem appealing enough to merit them our curiosity.

katz diner maginhawa sikatuna village breakfast

A pot of House Tea (Php 80) can serve about two to three people.

While waiting for our meals to be served, we patiently sipped on and enjoyed our house tea. I would highly recommend ordering their house tea, because it’s unlike the usual watered down teas served in other food establishments. In fact, the tea tasted like Royal Milk Tea, except it was served warm. Other tea flavors available include Black Tea and Oolong Tea, with the Oolong Tea offering a stronger and more distinct tea flavor.

katz diner maginhawa sikatuna village breakfast

All-day Breakfast Longganisa (Php 185)

The sweet Grilled Pork steak was the first meal to grace our palates. The taste of the pork steak was akin to tocino, and was best enjoyed with the dipping sauce that accompanied the dish. It also had diced singkamas and carrots on the side. Katz Diner’s deconstructed version of the longganisa was a great choice for longganisa lovers. With the longganisa mixed in with salsa, the taste was reminiscent of tacos, and provided something new to the familiar flavor.

katz diner maginhawa sikatuna village breakfast

Roast Pork Belly (Php 290)

The highlight of our visit was the glorious Roast Pork Belly, complete with an appetizing plating that’s bound to make your mouth water. Three thick cuts of roasted pork belly in the heaping serving of mashed potato and chimichurri sauce. The mashed potato’s consistency contributed to its pumpkin-like flavor, and the crispy skin of the roast pork belly was outstanding and worth the return visit.

katz diner maginhawa sikatuna village breakfast

Lava Cake

To cap of our first meal of the day, we finished off with a sinful mouthful of Lava Cake. The cake was topped with powdered sugar, marshmallows, and chocolate chips, and drizzled with chocolate syrup. As with most lava cakes, this one was just as wonderful with the thick chocolate oozing from the core. However, the price of a Lava Cake at Katz Diner was noticeably more affordable than others, making it a preferable treat when in Maginhawa.

We haven’t even covered half of the menu, and this presents an opportunity to enjoy many others of Katz Diner’s unique offerings. From what we’ve tried, their other bestsellers hold much promise of a discovery of new flavors from not-so-new ingredients. I hope to come back here sometime soon and enjoy another round of delectable breakfast dishes!-HANA

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katz diner maginhawa sikatuna village breakfast

Katz Diner
48 Malingap St. Sikatuna Village, 1101 Quezon City, Philippines
Open from Mon – Sat: 12 pm – 11 pm
Contact at 024350933
Like Katz Diner on Facebook

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