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Experience a Royal Treatment at Princess Hazel Salon & Spa (Quezon Avenue, Quezon City)

Princess hazel salon & spa quezon avenue quezon city

Review of Princess Hazel Salon & Spa (Quezon Avenue, Quezon City)

There’s nothing like a good pampering time after a taxing day spent at work. Truth be told, my work days have recently become long and weary and stretched my life thin. To remedy the situation, I make sure to reward myself from time to time...

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Dommie’s Day Out at Whole Pet Kitchen: Pet Deli and Barkery (Wilson St., San Juan City)

whole pet kitchen dog cafe san juan wilson dog treats barkery

Raring to bring your dogs out for a treat? Come swing by the Whole Pet Kitchen at San Juan and let your dogs enjoy pastries and all-natural dishes safe for pets!

I rarely bring out my toy poodle outside the house (I’m a paranoid pet mom like that >__<;;;) so when we brought him to the groomers a few weeks back, we decided to take the opportunity and bring him to the popular dog cafe a few minutes drive away from Tiendesitas...

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Nicaraguan and Tex-Mex Fare at Cocina Juan (Maginhawa St., Quezon City)

cocina juan maginhawa teachers village sikatuna village quezon city nicaragua tex mex

Cocina Juan captivates the foodie crowd with their savory and affordable Latin American and Tex-Mex dishes.

In contrast to the other Maginhawa restaurants I have featured before this, Cocina Juan has been around for more than five years now, and is a popular destination for many people who loves their fill of Tex-Mex cuisine. After many years, it still stays true to its nature of being a hole-in-the-wall establishment...

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Satisfying Big Appetites: Big B Burgers at Maginhawa St., Sikatuna Village (Quezon City)

Big B’s quirky (and sometimes cheeky) word play on the names of their dishes will make you smile. However, beyond the unique names, does Big B have something new to offer to the crowd that has already seen one too many burger variants? Find out.

It’s pretty safe to say that we’ve seen most kinds, sizes and flavors of burgers, and it’s a challenge for all burger joints to offer something distinct and unique that will appeal to the preference (and budget!) of Pinoys...

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Homies Pinoy Fried Chicken (Magiting St., Sikatuna Village)

Homies Pinoy Fried Chicken maginhawa quezon city

Homies at Magiting St., a stone’s throw away from the Maginhawa food strip, brings back Pinoy-fried style chicken into the game.

If you’ve always wondered what Pinoy-style fried chicken tastes like before heavily breaded chicks have gained popularity, then Homies Pinoy Fried Chicken at Magiting St. in Sikatuna Village has just what you’re looking for...

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Inexpensive Mexican Food Fix at Casa Quesadilla (Maginhawa St., Sikatuna Village)

Casa Quesadilla, located at the popular strip of food establishments at Maginhawa St. in Quezon City, gives guests with huge appetites for Mexican cuisine great items to snack on!

Casa Quesadilla has opened its doors to foodies at its first location at the famous food strip of Maginhawa. Literally meaning “The House of Quesadillas” in Spanish, Casa Quesadilla offers its take on well-loved Mex dishes, such as the different quesadilla variants, the Ultimate Nachos, and their choices of burritos.


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Hearty All-Day Breakfasts at Katz Diner (Sikatuna Village, Quezon City)

katz diner maginhawa sikatuna village breakfast

Grilled Pork Steak (Php 260) at Katz Diner (Sikatuna Village, Quezon City)

Among the many food establishments in Maginhawa is Katz Diner, a recently opened family diner specializing on ribs and all-day breakfasts. Modest in appearance, the place is encountered by many foodies when in search of an establishment catering to the breakfast-loving population...

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Star Wars Goes High Fashion with Star Wars x Folded & Hung Collection

Star Wars x Folded & Hung Collection

Iconic movie references hit the ramp in style with the newly released Star Wars x Folded & Hung Collection launched last December 6, 2014 at the SM Megamall Fashion Hall. Fans of the Star Wars movie franchise, VIP guests, and friends from the media flocked to see the latest collection from Folded & Hung. Renowned dance group G-Force opened the show with a spectacular dance number, and model and former MYX VJ Sanya Smith hosted the launch.

Folded&Hung Models a...

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Review: Aqua Mineral Mud Soap and Mineral Soap “From the Dead Sea”

aqua mineral soap philippines

Review: Aqua Mineral Mud Soap and Aqua Mineral Soap

If you’re a frequent mall-goer, you’ve probably encountered Aqua already. With seventeen locations in Metro Manila and Metro Davao malls, its a brand that’s hard to miss. I discovered the brand six months ago when my mom was approached by one of their SAs during our leisurely stroll at Robinson’s Galleria. It was fortunate that my mom was not the kind to avoid SAs, and we were given a free trial of some of their products...

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Psychedelic Dining Experience at Subspace Coffee House (Ortigas, Pasig City)

subspace coffee house ortigas pasig city

Furniture floating overhead makes for one trippy (not to mention, unforgettable!) coffee time at Subspace Coffee House, Emerald Ave., Ortigas.

We’re always on the lookout for the unusual. In this period of coffee shop boom, good coffee and a cozy place just doesn’t cut it anymore. More important than ever is the connection you create with a place and how it leaves an impact on you, making you come back for more...

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