The Latest From McDonald’s Philippines: McRib Sandwich, Apple Pie a la Mode, and Waffle Cones

The return of the McRib

Barbecue-flavored piece of pork sandwich

That was how Wikipedia described the not-so-new offering to us, a group of hungry kids uninitiated to the McRib. Turns out, it has been around in other countries since the 80’s, and was available for a limited time some four years ago. It was new to me and seeing as to how anything barbecue-flavored piqued my curiosity, we made it a point to head to one of the very few branches that initially offered it to the public.

The key to not getting disappointed is managing your expectations. The same can be said about the McRib. I’ve read a number of rants on Facebook from people from my network who found themselves dissatisfied with the McRib. “It was overhyped,” and it truly was, for a good reason. Let’s be realistic, guys. There is no way that McDo can offer a pork rib sandwich for Php 120. After all, this is still fastfood. So knowing that the McRib is simply slathered with barbecue sauce to mimic the taste of pork ribs does help in managing expectations. We’re actually very happy with our meal, and happily finished it with a cup of coke to down the flavorful sauce. It is personally the second best “sulit” fast food purchase, next to Jollibee’s Breakfast Pancake Sandwich.

The McDo Sundae in Waffle Cones: Nothing remarkable.

I’m not really a big fan of cones, but when McDo launched the waffle cones, it was something I still looked forward to trying. Unfortunately, I found that there really was nothing special about the waffle cones, and if I had to be brutally honest, it doesn’t make a difference at all to get a waffle cone instead of the usual sundae cone. The waffle cones are more resistant to getting soggy and soft from the sundae, though, but flavor-wise, I might just go stick to the regular sundae cones.



Our latest #foodventure has led us to discover the Apple Pie a la Mode. About time, @mcdo_ph! #desserts #foodporn

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Our last (and latest) discovery from McDonald’s is the Apple Pie a la Mode– a wonderful combination of an apple pie sliced in half buried underneath a serving of caramel sundae. This could not have been more perfect, and I can’t imagine the apple pie mixed in with chocolate sundae, instead (but if you’re a fan of the McDo Choco sundae, they also offer this option as well!) It’s only Php 45 and absolutely worth the price. Which brings us to ask –what took McDonald’s so long to put these two wonderful dessert items together???

That’s it for now, but we’re keeping an eye on whatever new food discovery we can get our hands on. Til next time!-HANA

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