Figaro Yuletide Drinks and Pastries Brings Joy to the Season

These Figaro sugar cookies (Php 85 each) make for a perfect giveaway or gift this Christmas season! Check out the rest of what Figaro has to offer in time for the holidays.

Christmas becomes especially merry when our favorite food establishments make it a point to create a special menu for the holidays. This is something many of us have come to look forward to as the Christmas season approaches, and there’s no doubt that apart from the tried-and-tested ones, we also anticipate new and unique offerings. This year, Figaro celebrates the yuletide season with holiday staples and fresh flavors to complete the holiday festivities.

Red Velvet Cake (Php 119/slice) and Hummingbird Cake (Php 115/slice)

When combined with the usual coffee faves, Figaro’s Red Velvet and Hummingbird cakes bring a warm, fuzzy quality reminiscent of Christmas mornings. With the serving size good for one person (and if you’re not too fond of cakes or sweets, maybe two), these intricately designed cakes deliver great value for money. Albeit a little dry for my taste, matching it with your favorite cup of coffee makes either of the two yuletide cakes a wonderful snack

Cranberry White Dream Bars (Php 70/piece)

The Cranberry White Dream Bar is easily my favorite among the many seasonal items of Figaro. It tastes like a revel bar with thick cream slapped on top of the bars, and bears symbols of Christmas on its surface. Every bite is delightful and everything about these bars is just right. Some might find it too sweet, so pairing it with brewed coffee is advisable. On the other hand, the sugar cookies could use a bit of help from a warm cup of coffee to make it easier to bite into and to augment its current level of flavor. Despite this, there is no denying that the sugar cookies whipped up by Figaro for the season is too visually appealing to resist!

Seasoned Prune Cake (Php 70/piece)

The Seasoned Prune Cake, Figaro’s version of the holiday staple Fruit Cake, is well-priced at Php 70. In fact, we find that the cake oozes with so much flavor that the serving size might be good for two. At Php 70, the Seasoned Prune Cake is a preferable choice for a Christmas giveaway.

Yuletide drinks such as the Praline Frost, Praline Latte, Speculoos Frost, and Speculoos Latte make it to the top of our must-try list before December even ends. The Speculoos Latte seems promising, since cookie butter is almost always incorporated in cold drinks, and this is the first time I’ve seen it mixed into a warm cup of coffee. It doesn’t hurt that the cup of latte is embellished with a heaping serving of whipped cream on top!

We think this year’s extra special offerings have something to do with Figaro celebrating their 21st year. During their 21st year anniversary, dining customers got to enjoy a cup of Iced Coffee for only Php 21! We were one of the lucky customers who happened to be in the right place at the right time and had two cups of Iced Coffee for a total of only Php 42. How cool was that?

The Figaro Coffee Company we have all come to love is surely cooking up something for the coming year. Their ever evolving menu makes them relevant and always timely, and the warmth their cafes exude is unmatched. This makes Figaro one of my favorite coffee shops, and I hope that you’ll share my love for their affordable drinks and cozy company.-HANA

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