Explorin’ Kapitolyo: Rub Ribs, Silantro Fil-Mex, and Tomahawk Chops and Grill

silantro filmex cantina kapitolyo pasig restaurant

Beef Nachos and Lamb Chops at Silantro Fil-Mex, Kapitolyo Pasig

I find myself frequenting the streets of Kapitolyo at least once a week, in an attempt to destress from the frustrations at work. It also helps that it’s conveniently near my workplace, and when the opportunity (and wallet) allows, I get to go on a binge! While Kapitolyo is a famous go-to for great food, it’s still a mix bag of restaurants, and some days, you’re just not as lucky to choose a restaurant that is not at par with your personal favorites. Our current success rate is at 75%, a 1:4 chance of trying out a restaurant which we’ll later on learn that it’s one we’ll never come back to in the near future. Which restaurants am I talking about? Find out more after the jump.

silantro filmex cantina kapitolyo pasig restaurant

Silantro’s Beef Nachos (Php 180)

Silantro Fil-Mex ‘Cantina (75 East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo Pasig City)

This Fil-Mex restaurant has been the talk of the town since it opened in December 2012, bringing the savory fusion of Filipino and Mexican cuisine to this side of the Kapitolyo. Despite the minimal updates on its social media pages, word of mouth drives people into the establishment. The volume of people lining up to eat at the cantina was remarkable, that on busy days, guests have to wait long to be seated. A quick search online would show reviews from customers dissatisfied with the waiting time, but when it comes to the quality of the food, I have yet to read a negative review on Silantro’s food. This alone shows that the quality of the food that they serve is their number one marketing asset.

We were lucky to be driven lost around the area by a taxi driver unfamiliar with the food strips at Kapitolyo. It was an unexpected (but totally welcomed) discovery on a Monday night, and we didn’t even have to wait long to be seated. The Beef Nachos were an easy choice since foodies online have been raving about it to no end, but the Lamb Chops caught our attention and held it until the waiter finished serving it to dining guests seated at a nearby table. With two pieces of smoking hot chops plated together with a generous serving of mashed potatoes, there was no stopping us from choosing that over the other appealing items on the menu. The Lamb Chops x Beef Nachos combo would soon prove to be one of our best ideas yet.

silantro filmex cantina kapitolyo pasig restaurant

Lamb Chops (Php 250)

Over all, Silantro Fil-Mex Cantina satisfied our hunger for great-tasting dishes with its mouthwatering selection of Mexican cuisine. Without any questions a 5/5 in our books, though we admit, there are more dishes to try, and try we shall in the near future.

rub ribs and bbq kapitolyo pasig restaurant

Singles (Ribs + Grilled Buttered Corn + Plain rice) Php 220

RUB Ribs & BBQ (88 East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo Pasig City)

Just a stone’s throw away from Silantro, RUB Ribs & BBQ has become a popular go-to for juicy and delectable ribs at a price you won’t even have to think twice about. For only Php 220, you get your fill of a half slab of ribs, a hefty serving of sides, and a steaming hot serving of plain rice. There is nothing about this meal that you would regret. Aside from that, we ordered a pitcher of House Blend Iced Tea (Php 120) that can serve four people, but can only be stretched for two thirsty and equally famished rib-lovin’ kids.

rub ribs and bbq kapitolyo pasig restaurant

Singles (Ribs + Garlic Spinach and Mushroom + Plain rice) Php 220

Also worth noting is the service speed. Our food was served in less than fifteen minutes. The establishment is also a wi-fi zone. The only thing that was an issue is the restaurant’s seating capacity. Seeing as how the place is quite popular, they have stopped taking reservations for lunch and dinner. Thus, for those looking to eat at RUB Ribs, it would be in your best interest to bring a book or a fully charged phone to keep you busy while you wait to be seated.

We spent a little over Php 300 each for our meal, but we left with happy tummies, and the people at RUB can expect us to come back for more in the near future.

tomahawk chops and grill kapitolyo pasig restaurant

Grilled Tomahawk Chops (Php 295) with Dirty Rice (Additional Php 35), Coleslaw and Mac & Cheese

Tomahawk Chops and Grill (56-A East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo Pasig City)

The restaurant that has broken my winning streak of success in choosing restaurants well in the strip of food establishments of Kapitolyo has got to be Tomahawk Chops and Grill. I had high hopes for this one because Chops Chicago Steakhouse has set the bar high, and while I am fully aware that Tomahawk is not at the level of Chops, there was no denying my disappointment.

tomahawk chops and grill kapitolyo pasig restaurant

Grilled Rosemary with Coleslaw, Mashed Potato and Dirty Rice. Mashed potatoes too dry, Rosemary too herby for my taste.

I had made the unfortunate acquaintance with the establishment through a Zomato foodie meetup. To join a foodie meetup was a first for me and my food buddy, and both of us were hopeful that we would discover through the meetup what sets Tomahawk apart from other restaurants in Kapitolyo. When dinner started, food started coming in one by one, and what was expected to be a foodie meetup slowly felt like a feeding program. One plate per menu item was served, and they expected ten to fifteen people to share one plate per item and write a review about the food. I would have to say that this horrible experience is something I cannot dissociate from my feelings towards the restaurant. However, in an attempt to come up with an objective review, we tried to take a morsel of each dish so that we’d have something to write about. Unfortunately, we didn’t make it to the more feature-worthy ones, like the Tomahawk (the dish which the restaurant was named after!).

tomahawk chops and grill kapitolyo pasig restaurant

Chicken Tenders

The food was unremarkable, and the dish I liked the most out of all the ones they served was the Chicken Tenders. I found the fried dishes too oily to my liking, and too bland to appreciate without the help of the flavorful sauces. Apart from that, everyone in the group unanimously agreed that their favorite was the dirty rice. If you’re a restaurant named after a dish and customers like your rice better than your specialty dish, then that should be all the warning you need to rethink your recipes.

It was a meetup composed mostly of bloggers and foodies who write about their food ventures online, and I have not fully comprehended as to why they would blow up this one chance to put their best food forward and impress people who was tasked to write about their food. Far from feeling entitled, I feared that on a regular day, the quality of their food could be worse. To give consideration to the restaurant which is yet to formally launch in the near future, there is so much more to be improved, and that they should delay the launch until people are more impressed with their specialty dish than their rice. Just my two cents.

There are a lot more restaurants waiting to be explored, and one setback won’t stop us from discovering new and exciting dishes to try. If you have any restaurants you’d like to recommend, feel free to send recommendations our way by leaving us a friendly message below! I’d love to know which ones have captured your taste buds. ‘Til next food trip!-HANA

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