Chinese Fare at David’s Tea House, Makati Ave. (A.Venue Mall, Makati City)

david's tea house a.venue makati ave makati city chinese restaurant

Hakao Shrimp (Php 105)

One of the many things my food buddy and I have agreed on is our dislike for Chinese food. No offense, Chinese friends. My food buddy is actually Chinese, but Chinese food just happens to be his last choice, maybe even below Vietnamese food. We do eat Chinese takeout from time to time (aka Rice in a Box; does this even count???) Anyway, the point is that we won’t willingly spend our hard-earned money on Chinese food. However, due to some twist of fate, we bagged ourselves some David’s Tea House GCs worth Php 1,200 and decided to spend it one afternoon at David’s Tea House at A.Venue Mall in Makati.

david's tea house a.venue makati ave makati city chinese restaurant

From L-R: Spicy Mapo Tofu (Php 235), Beef Brisket Noodles (Php 175), Century Egg (Php 45), Machang (Php 105)

With 1200 pesos to spare, we went on an ordering spree and decided to order Hakaw, Machang, Century Egg, Beef Brisket Noodles, Mapo Tofu, and the star of the night, the Fried Crispy Pata. The Hakaw we ordered was easily the best we’ve tasted by far (since we don’t frequent a lot of Chinese restaurants, this makes sense). The Machang was a heavy choice of appetizer because of the glutinous rice. We skipped on ordering rice and opted for the Beef Brisket noodles, instead for our fill of carbs and soup. It was satisfying and quite heavy on the stomach, and will serve as a constant reminder for us to maybe stick to one bowl each instead of killing ourselves with gluttony. The Mapo Tofu, an old-time favorite of mine, tasted really well with the little rice we had from the Machang, but would taste even better with big servings of rice because of its moderate spiciness. A constant companion to every mouthful, ordering the Century Egg was a good call because we actually like its taste. I was acquainted to the Century Egg only a few months ago c/o my food buddy’s recommendation.

david's tea house a.venue makati ave makati city chinese restaurant

Crispy Pata (Php 485)

We were brave enough to order the Crispy Pata and delusional enough to believe the two of us could stand a chance to its huge serving size. The crispy Pata was big enough to be shared by six people, or maybe even eight depending on the amount of other dishes ordered. Every bite was a taste of heaven to meatlovers like ourselves, but we were already so full that we were unable to consume more than a third of what was served, and decided to take it out instead. Our only complaint was that when le food buddy opened his take-away when he got home, he found that most of the meat has been replaced with bones. I hope that none of you guys ever fall prey to this sneaky tactic some restaurants do.

david's tea house a.venue makati ave makati city chinese restaurant

David’s Tea House at A.Venue, Makati Ave.

Overall, aside from our disappointment with the takeout, we found our dining experience at David’s Tea House satisfactory. Seeing as how we’re not big fans of the cuisine, we’ll probably return in the not-so-near future (but return we shall, nevertheless).-HANA

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