Belo Nutraceuticals’ Advanced Anti-Aging Collagen Powder Drink

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We are part of a generation that is mortified of aging. Compared to the previous decades, there are so many factors nowadays to consider when we talk about aging. The daily stress brought about by our lifestyle choices and our environment have contributed to the rate at which we age. When telltale signs of aging start to surface, we are brought into a fit of panic. Hence, anti-aging creams of different variants are widely used nowadays by many women, even in their late twenties! The issue with this is that we only remedy the problem when it’s already there, and sometimes, when it’s already too late.

Anti-aging creams can only reverse the signs of aging up to the layers of the skin it can penetrate. However, the aging process starts at the cellular level, and only partly manifests itself on our skin. The loss of skin firmness and smoothness is just one of the many signs of aging that become apparent on our skin, and the more severe ones like fine lines and dark spots. Attacking the problem on a cellular level, or “from within”, with a preventive mindset will help us save our youthful appearance. Here’s where Belo Nutraceuticals’ Advanced Anti-Aging Collagen Powder Drink comes into play.

Belo Nutraceuticals’ Advanced Anti-Aging Collagen Powder Drink. Get a FREE Belo Bag when you purchase from Zalora.

Many of my friends have claimed that these collagen powder drinks work for them, and this got me curious as well. For Php 1592.50, roughly about Php 114 per sachet, the Advanced Anti-Aging Collagen Powder Drink pack contains fourteen pieces that would last for one to two weeks, depending on use. It is recommended to drink the Collagen drink at least once or twice a day for best results. The drink is also not recommended for pregnant and lactating women.

Directions for use: Take 1 to 2 sachets per day, with or without meal. Dissolve a sachet of the Collagen Powder Drink in any hot or cold beverage.

There are two active main ingredients in the drink, namely collagen and hyaluronic acid. The decline in the production of collagen in our bodies as we age would justify the need for collagen drinks. Belo’s Collagen Powder Drink promises delivery of collagen that is easily absorbed by the body, to provide skin elasticity and resilience. The inclusion of Hyaluronic Acid in the solution adds efficacy to the drink, as hyaluronic acid is known for its effect in improving and keeping in skin hydration.

Aside from that, the drink is safe for intake because it is composed mainly of vitamins, proteins, and other amino acids that are naturally occurring in the body. However, caution must be observed by individuals who are allergic to marine substances, since the active collagen ingredient is derived from fish (which explains why other collagen drink brands has that peculiar fishy taste). More importantly, no weight gain is associated with the intake of the drink.

I mix the collagen powder drink with my morning coffee, and I noted that it did not alter the taste of my coffee in a bad way. In fact, it added a hint of vanilla flavor to my drink, and this is not altogether unwanted. I loved that effects can be seen as early as the day after first use, but may take even up to two weeks before effects are noticeable. Take note that this is a highly subjective experience, so I would definitely recommend you try the drink for yourself and see how well it works for you. The Belo Collagen Powder Drink is recommended for individuals aged 25 and up, since that is when the collagen production in the body slows down.

The drink is available in Zalora, Lazada, and leading drugstores nationwide. The price for a box of 14 sachets is Php 1592.50, and Php 113.50 for individually sold 7,000 mg sachet of the Collagen Powder Drink.-HANA

Have you tried Belo Neutraceuticals’ Advanced Anti-Aging Collagen Powder Drink before? Let me know your thoughts about the product by sounding off in the comments section below!

18 comments to Belo Nutraceuticals’ Advanced Anti-Aging Collagen Powder Drink

  • Sim @  says:

    What a really cute set! Sounds so easy to look after yourself considering you can mix it with your coffee! Will check the brand out! Sim @

  • Chef Jay  says:

    THAT IS EXPENSIVE. I hope it works for you, i’ll stick with my black coffee and green tea. It’s great that you can mix it with coffee though, I hope that’s a tasty brew!

  • Beth - Musing Housewife  says:

    That looks like a lovely set… Certainly makes looking after yourself (and staying young) more appealing!

  • Fernando Lachica  says:

    Anti-aging beauty products should be tested first before using. It’s better to be aware than late to notice the effects. If it gives positive result to you then the better.

  • Maureen  says:

    I love the packaging! So pretty :D Plus mix well with coffee? Sounds great and easy to take. I’ll see if I can find them here too in Jakarta.

  • Kylie  says:

    I never try any collagen drink and this one looks quite great and worth a try!

  • Alissa  says:

    I love the mason jar and the chevron packaging! :) I’ve never tried this product before. Hope it works for you

  • Louise  says:

    It’s amazing how Belo is evolving from just a derma service to some anti-aging drink. I can’t imagine what else the company or brand can offer in the next years.

    This is a good strategy to offer a powder drink than a service for anti-aging because some are afraid of machines and other products to be put on the face. Besides, most of us subconsciously believe that intake of drinks, pills whatsoever are much effective. :)

  • Franc Ramon  says:

    It’s nice that they Belo comes with Anti-aging products that you can easily add to drinks. This is a better way to take care of the aging lines and gives you a better glow.

  • nicol  says:

    what an interesting product. i love the jar mug

  • Fred  says:

    Sounds expensive especially if you will have to drink it for the rest of your life daily! Eager to know about its long-term effects, and what happens when you stop taking it.

  • eliz frank  says:

    This is very interesting information. I would like to find out more about the drink and it’s ingredients.

  • Elana Khong  says:

    Thanks for sharing this nice review. I eat lot’s collagen foods too. :D

  • Marie  says:

    Wow! didn’t know Belo have that kind of product. Interesting!

  • Raymond Vasquez  says:

    I think this is a development! haha this is new to me. Well maybe it’s because I’m not a Belo product user. This is a development really for me. Haha Sounds easy for an anti-aging goal.

  • papaleng  says:

    The packaging is just cute. wow! Belo is exploring the ‘unknown’ in beauty secret. I don’t buy this ‘anti-aging’ stuffs. Just good ideas to sell products.

  • Janice Min  says:

    Wow! Never heard about it before! But it looks so pretty!

  • TweenselMom  says:

    I’ve seen that in a huge billboard in EDSA. I wonder how expensive it is.

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