Unlimited Desserts Buffet at Love Desserts (Banawe cor. Del Monte, Quezon City)

love desserts unlimited buffet desserts banawe del monte quezon city

For only Php 199, enjoy desserts to your heart’s delight at Love Desserts (Banawe cor. Del Monte, Quezon City)

When I found out about Love Desserts, the first unlimited desserts buffet in Manila, I was more than excited to go. The thought of stuffing my mouth with scrumptious and delectable array of desserts was enough to make my mouth water and head over to Banawe cor Del Monte in Quezon City to experience this one-of-a-kind buffet for myself.

While other dessert buffets have started business left and right in the past few months, Love Desserts is not new to the foodie scene. Its been capturing everyone’s sweet tooths since 2011, and with more people visiting them for their eat-all-you-can desserts bar, the establishment has been enjoying popularity now more than ever. On a Monday night when we decided to go without making any reservations (thinking it wouldn’t be necessary), we were floored to see the place full at 6 PM, and had to wait for a while for some guests to finish dining. After a long one-hour taxi drive from Pasig, we found comfort in the chairs outside the restaurant that accommodated us while we waited. After a quick fifteen minutes, we were ushered in to our table (a table in the far end of the room), and sat for a while to appreciate the interiors.

love desserts unlimited buffet desserts banawe del monte quezon city

Love Desserts’ Eat-All-You-Can Desserts Bar

The desserts buffet may look small, but trying one of everything made us realize how WRONG we were. There were cake slices, desserts in glass cups, and pastries of every imaginable shape, size, color, and flavor. There’s also a crepe station, where you can have your customized crepe made, and a Halo-Halo station, where you can create your own Halo-Halo. What truly surprised me in this sea of desserts was seeing some unexpected items, like the Lugaw, Nachos, as well as the Singkamas with Bagoong.

Pro-Tip: If you feel like your tummy needs a little more priming with “real food” before diving into sweets, grab a bowl of Lugaw. Not only that, but the Lugaw will help neutralize the taste when you feel like you’ve gone overboard with the sweets. Eat alternately with sweets so that you get to enjoy more without feeling full too fast.

love desserts unlimited buffet desserts banawe del monte quezon city

The good (but equally heavy!) stuff.

The chiffon cakes took most of our tummy space, and if I were to give myself proper advice before heading into dessert paradise, it would be to stay away from these tempting chiffon cakes. Well, at least until I’ve tried all the other desserts. I found them very satisfying, but at the same time, very filling! So if you want to get the most out of your visit, try the small pastries first, then the crepe, and then the cakes. The Halo-halo is a must-try, too! Regularly priced at Php 95 for the small and Php 130 for the Special Halo-halo when ordered a la carte, creating your own halo-halo with your choice of ice cream flavors will make the Php 199-buffet price instantly sulit!

love desserts unlimited buffet desserts banawe del monte quezon city

My second plate of desserts.

While most, if not all of the desserts we’ve tried passed our standards of what’s delicious, there are some desserts that really stood out from the rest. The Coffee Jelly, with its perfect combination of sweet and bitter, was a welcome treat to the senses. The Egg Pie is also worth checking out because of its remarkably flavorful crust, unlike the usual egg pies. The blueberry cheesecake and carrot cake were two of my favorite cakes in the group. Lastly, the gigantic cream puff is a treat you save some tummy space for. Have I mentioned the lugaw? The lugaw was perfect.

love desserts unlimited buffet desserts banawe del monte quezon city

Drinks: a choice among coffee, iced tea, milk tea, and a variety of ice blended drinks.

For the drinks, grab a black cup of coffee instead of indulging in the usual sweetened, ice blended drinks. The bitter taste of the coffee will help neutralize the sweet overkill in your taste buds. I would also recommend the milk tea, as it is not too sweet and overpowering.

love desserts unlimited buffet desserts banawe del monte quezon city

Love Desserts’ Crepe, Ice-cream, and Halo-halo station

It wasn’t just the desserts that were sweet. The staff ensured that guests had a wonderful time with their friendly and approachable demeanor, with a smile always ready to welcome your littlest requests. I remember one of their staff was always quick to make recommendations, like “Mam, masarap po kung lalagyan nyo po nung red sauce yang nachos nyo,” or “Mam, try nyo po yung bestseller naming ice-blended drinks”. Even their social media manager was quick to attend to online mentions (and this is personally noteworthy because I myself manage social media presence for brands), a very simple gesture that easily lets guests know that they’re appreciated.

Overall, the experience was very satisfying, and we’re rearing to go back and have a try of their crepes and halo-halo. I would highly recommend the experience to my friends and hope that they would find their visit as pleasurable as ours. If you’re a fan of all things sweet, Love Desserts is a hot spot of treats you shouldn’t miss.-HANA

Love Desserts
915 Banawe street,Cor Del monte Quezon City.
1100 Quezon City, Philippines
Open from Monday to Sunday, 11 AM – 11 PM
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