Lip-Smackin’ Good: Jack Daniel’s Dishes at TGI Friday’s (Greenbelt 3, Makati City)

tgi friday's jack daniel's burger greenbelt 3 makati

TGI Friday’s Jack Daniel’s Pork Chop (Php 405 for one piece, Php 605 for two pieces)

When dining at TGI Friday’s, make sure to order these sumptuous items from TGI Friday’s Jack Daniel’s Grill menu. You will be walking away with happy tummies while lickin’ your fingers clean. Prices might be a little more expensive than the usual, but every bite is worth it.

For our dinner date, we ordered a one-piece Jack Daniel’s Pork Chop with mashed potato instead of rice, and a Jack Daniel’s Burger with French Fries as sides. Both dishes were served with the special Jack Daniel’s sauce, a miracle maker that makes everything taste magical. The Jack Daniel’s Pork Chop included a big slab of juicy pork chop, cheddar cheese mashed potato, and corn on the cob. The mashed potato went really well with the Pork Chop, and is recommended for people who are keen on avoiding or limiting their rice intake but still want to make the best out of this dish.

tgi friday's jack daniel's burger greenbelt 3 makati

TGI Friday’s Jack Daniel’s Burger (Php 485)

The Jack Daniel’s Burger beats every other burger in the metro based on its value for money. This juicy 7-oz burger skillfully glazed with the sweet Jack Daniel’s sauce, and topped with two heavy strips of bacon and Colby Cheese, makes the burger a certified heavyweight. The thick-cut fries on the side is also plenty enough for sharing, and is perfectly salted to be enjoyed on its own. Of course, the Jack Daniel’s sauce works well as a condiment for everything, so you might enjoy the fries better by dipping it into the special sauce.

TGI Friday's  boneless buffalo wings greenbelt 3 makati

Boneless Buffalo Wings

As much as I love eating Buffalo Wings, I do not particularly enjoy the hassle of tearing the meat from the bones with my hands. It was a great thing that we discovered the Boneless Buffalo Wings on the menu. It was just like eating Buffalo Wings sans the hassle of eating with your hands! They were succulent and flavored with TGI Friday’s traditional spicy buffalo sauce, and served with bleu cheese and leek slices. The serving size was also huge! The dish can be shared by two to three people, and makes for a great appetizer.

Price Range: Php 450-600/head

The Jack Daniel’s menu items really hit the spot! They are undeniably expensive, but looking closely at the serving size and the level of satisfaction you get from the dining experience, I would say that every peso is well worth it.-HANA

PS: What are your favorite Jack Daniel’s dishes?

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